Missing the last 5 minutes of an episode?
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Posted 5/27/11
Don't know why but episode 3 of Myself Yourself, the last 5 minutes seems to be missing.

I've tried refreshing several times and loading the vid on a different browser, but i'm still missing those few mins of the episode.

Instead of stopping around the 25min mark where the ending should be (going by other eps) its stops at 19:45.
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Posted 5/28/11
You're right. Just checked it myself, some of it is missing. Good luck getting anyone to do anything about it though. All of episode 6 of Happiness is still missing and it's been known about for a couple weeks. Not only that but it's involved in a current contest, pretty sad.
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Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11
Looking into this. Will have them fixed as soon as we can.
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