If you were a Zanpakuto........
Posted 5/27/11
I've seen Zanpakuto generators, thats not what I'm looking for. Only original descriptions and powers.. then we will vote on the best and most creative. So please BANKAI!!!!!
Posted 5/28/11
I've seen Zanpakuto generators, that's not what I'm looking for. Only original descriptions and powers.. then we will vote on the best and most creative. So please BAN KAI!!!!!

Mine is KYOKETSU*SHOGE, (To run about in the fields and mountains) Blue flames undulate around her
She's a single edge blade at the end of the handle ( Kashira) she has a very thin chain of polished titanium witch glimmers and shines blinding my opponents at the end there is a ring. This ring expands and contracts it allowing me to decapitate hollows from a safe distance, I can also slide true it and be teletransported. Her Saya is carved depicting a beautiful snow leopard ruining in the mountains. Her Tsuba is the head of the snow leopard , A smaller Wakizashi completes my Daisho. For my BAN KAI... release is: Get Ready Kyoketso*Shoge Go ! it increases my fast step 10x making me faster than Yoruchi-sama. I can run like the wind and control it.
Posted 5/28/11

I got bleach's lol
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Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/29/11
I don't think the above link works.

No badass pictures for me though, my Zanpakuto is only in my mind!

Zanpakuto: Mikazuki - simple and effective

Shikai: The blade itself is super light but incredibly dense and nearly impossible to break. It allows me to draw and slash quicker than the eye can see. It also permits me to keep an equal balance between attack and defense.

Bankai: Kurai Kaze - It builds up my Spiritual Pressure and uses it to literally blow my opponents' pressure completely away. Then I go in for the final blow!
Posted 5/28/11
Sory but the link Boom posted DOES NOT WORK......
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Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/30/11
Shikai: Copy, Genesis - Default form is a long silver rod. Mime. Able to copy other Zanpakuto's releases along with their abilities. Requires contact with other Zanpakuto and their release commands to change into their form.

Bankai: Neo Genesis - Formless Bladed Weapon. Invisible and able to change form into whatever it as copied before so opponents are unable to see how to block the weapon.
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Posted 5/28/11
I wish Jin Kisaragi would be in bleach, he would be a better version of Hitsugaiya
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Posted 5/28/11
Shikai: Thin double edged sword. Purple fur fluff hanging from end. the handle will have a form fitting mold to my hand and MY HAND ALONE! It would be a guy...I think...and I will call it Blessed Blade of the Earth (Chikyū no shukufuku burēdo).
Attacks will be basic and can be amplified through kidou. Many earth based attacks (mostly dirt, dust, and the like)
Bankai: I wouldn't want my opponent to even know I released my bankai til the last second so during battle, if any injury if taken by he/she they can be tracked through the wound. When released I'll shout something like, "Hiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!" or "Awaken! Crystal Blade!"
The point of having an earth based sword is for the decomposing of the opponent through pure crystal. (from dust to dust)
I want it to look all cool like Rukia's but instead of being into one single pillar it would cover the entire arena and crystalline particles in the air to be inhaled by the opponent. Get' em from the inside out.
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Posted 5/29/11
Mine would be called "The fire of Demons"
His shikai would be in full-release (like Ichigo's, unable to become sealed again), the blade would be the size and shape of an average katana, except for the blade ever shifting between blue and red, and his attacks would be melee based but with the power to shoot out flames from the tip of the blade.
When the phrase "SPLIT! ICE-FIRE!" is said, the bankai is activated. In bankai there are two katanas that are 5' long. The blade in the left hand is white and has a blue fire aura, the blade in the right hand is black with a normal fire aura. The left blade is able to shoot out fire that freezes and turns into ice when it touches solid matter; the right blade shoots out fire that burns at high temperatures and can temporarily become a gel that sticks in the air or onto objects. The bankai increases the speed and strength of me whilst holding the blades.
When the fire from the blades combine it creates a hard, brittle, crystalline substance that freezes what it touches whilst being extremely flammable and releases large amounts of heat when set on fire.
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Posted 5/29/11
Well I would be called Time Slicer whatever japanese equivalent there is if there is one
I don't know what my shikai phrase would be but it would make my user be able to cut the air and create wormholes or black holes and travel through them and appear anywhere within a ten mile radius
Then my bankai's name would be space maker would take everyone with high spiritual pressure to a parallel universe outside of space in time where my wielder makes the rules and can bend the universe to their will also my sword in shikai form would look like a rapier with a small clock on the hilt and then in bankai form it would look like a very long and thin black katana with a white streak going down the middle and a small pocket watch hanging from the end of the hilt
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Posted 5/30/11
I wish i could think like you guys Tite Kubo could take hints from you
Posted 6/7/11
I would be called the Round House because I would be wielded by Chuck Norris
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