What was your CR life like back then? As a newbie?
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 5/28/11
I remember being trolled all the time lol. I had no clue people could be so cruel in here. T____T
Then I tried to get along with as many members as I can to gain soldiers to protect me if someone flames me again. LMFAO just kidding

What's your story?
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22 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/28/11
haha. you're funnny ^
well, i dont really remember much. but i like it here <3
the people i've met have been very friendly & fun to talk to.
i somehow got used to this website. coming on here most of the time to chat, watch animes. & do other things. i dont know. it just gives me a nice feeling.
^_^ crunchyroll is really a great website.. :)
even though i'm not as active as I was before. I don't think I would ever wanna leave cr.
It just hurts, you know?
the thought of quitting, & leaving all the memories you've had here, it's just painful.
it's like leaving everything behind.
I hope I won't come to hate cr in the near future.
i love crunchyroll, & i've learned to cherish my memories I've had with people here,
& somewhat, they mean alot to me. <33

May 3o, 2oo9. C;

in 2 more daays;
memorial day.
2 years!
hah. xD
Posted 5/28/11
Hmm back in 07 just posted in forums really, it only became interesting when I discovered Forum Games and met some great people who I still keep in touch with to this day.

CR has always been my time-killer. My time is now limited to 2-3 hours a night, I just don't have as much time on my hands as when I was 17
Posted 5/28/11
I was a text typing, naive kid in '08. And I spent most of my time in the forum games.
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19 / F
Posted 5/28/11
Ah...you can say I still am... I used to be a loner with no friends at all and I just came here to watch anime.
I dont anymore tho.
I watch anime somewhere else and just kill time on Crunchyroll
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/28/11
When I was a member in 08' on a different account it was trolls trolling trolls back then. Eh, admittedly I was sort of an idiot. Good times, though.
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23 / F / huh? why do you w...
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/28/11
i don't know..... when i first made it, it was boring.. nothing to do but watch movies and dramas....
and then i made friends.. and was totally in love with jpop lol now not so much active in cr as i use to be..
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27 / F / Čαη∂yℓαη∂
Posted 5/28/11
i think im still a newbie but umm >.>
it was pretty lonely yeah
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70 / M / Limbo
Posted 5/28/11
Non stop flame! Fights with up-their-own-ass douche bags and being a sarcastic asshole to the OP.

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25 / location location...
Posted 5/28/11

Kippu wrote:

I used to troll, flame, triple post, and used to be mean to everyone XD
But then again I was a young teenager back then. I guess that's why I'm soft when it comes to teenagers who troll. They're just newbie kids who want to have fun.

It was around that time when motivational pictures came in that I stopped and realize it was stupid. I was getting sick of the whole "u phail" lines. I refused to be associated with those type of trolls that I eventually stopped.

That's hot.

Old CrunchyRoll Memory
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