Post Reply Game ❤ The Shugo Chara Vending Machine!
Posted 5/29/11 , edited 5/29/11
The Shugo Chara Vending Machine!

Hiya,I'm MissyJokerChan,One of the mods for The Hinamori Amu Group!This is a really fun game,So I want lots of people to play it!

How It Works -

Say for Example that someone posted a prize for the last person who posted,And they posted after their prize "*Inserts Coin*",Then it's your turn to give them a prize!But,It has to be Shugo Chara Related!Because it IS a Shugo Chara! Group Anyways.So now I say to the person back: "You get a heart symbol to use on your profile!" ❤ !!Then you`re done!After you`ve put in your prize,You say *Inserts Coin* and the next one gives you a prize and so forth.

You Won`t get a prize if you don`t put in *Inserts Coin*!!

Have fun!

Now let me start the game off!

You get Ikuto Kissing Amu!

*Inserts Coin*
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