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Astrology - Do you believe in it?
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F / Brisbane, Australia
Posted 5/31/11
I believe in it to the extent that I am a rather proud Virgo and own many pieces of virgo themed jewellery. However, I don't believe that my star sign can predict my future and so far as it dictating my personality, there is a body of social science research that shows that the timing of your birth can effect your development. As in, if you are born during the beginning of what constitutes the school year in whatever country you live-in, you tend to be bigger then your peers growing-up and that can often mean you are better in sports then them and that can boost your confidence level etc. So I think that when people say start signs dictate personality, what they are actually saying is that when you are born can effect your personality.

Generally, I think signs of the Zodiac, birth stones and chinese star signs are fun little things that shouldn't be taken too seriously. As I said, I mostly use it to buy jewellery and nick-nacks when I am travelling. That's about all.
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