Post Reply Anyone buying 日常 / Nichijou / My Ordinary Life?
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Posted 5/29/11 , edited 6/11/11
I'm thinking of buying the Blu-rays for this series. There are 13 volumes listed so I assume there will be approximately 26 episodes.

Here is a shopping list of everything related to Nichijou worth mentioning:

[released] Manga Vol. 1-5
[released] Manga Vol. 6 (Includes DVD episode 0)
[released] TV Intro Theme CD 1
[released] TV Outro Theme CD
2011/06/22 Web Radio Intro Theme CD
2011/06/24 Anime Vol. 1
2011/07/06 Character CDs 1-3
2011/07/22 Anime Vol. 2
2011/07/27 Drama CD 1
2011/07/28 Nichijou Uchuujin [PSP Game]
2011/08/03 TV Intro Theme CD 2
2011/08/10 Character CDs 4-6 + Remix CD
2011/08/26 Anime Vol. 3
2011/09/30 Anime Vol. 4
2011/10/28 Anime Vol. 5
2011/11/25 Anime Vol. 6
2011/12/22 Anime Vol. 7
2012/01/27 Anime Vol. 8
2012/02/24 Anime Vol. 9
2012/03/23 Anime Vol. 10
2012/04/27 Anime Vol. 11
2012/05/25 Anime Vol. 12
2012/06/22 Anime Vol. 13

That PSP game called Uchuujin [Space Alien] could be very interesting if it has enough content. It looks like a standard visual novel adventure game with voices. More Nichijou can't be bad!

Also there is the usual web radio show going on Lantis' site. It has the seiyuus from anime talking about random things.

If something is missing from the list let me know.
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Posted 6/11/11
Did I really start this thread..

I might as well provide some more content:

If anyone is interested: the manga has full furigana and it seemed like an easy read. I haven't actually read it yet thought. I'll read it after the anime ends. Of course there is probably English version also available, but I wouldn't know. And while it's classified as 4koma there are only very few pages that are actually in 4koma format. That was a pleasant surprise for me.

While I have bought everything so far I'll probably only buy the PSP game (or something) after this. Otherwise it gets waay too expensive.
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Posted 6/12/11
Woaaaha~~ so much stuff :O gimmeh D:
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Posted 7/1/11
the manga looks so cuteXD
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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 11/5/11
I've got the first couple of volumes of the manga, but importing gets real expensive real fast. It's easy to read if Japanese isn't your native language, but some of Yuuko's puns go over my head. There are a few differences; for instance, Nano goes to school and makes friends with the other characters right from the start.

I've also got the June '11 issue of Shonen Ace A, which has Nichijou 98. No words in the whole chapter, except for Yuuko's punchline. It came with a nifty plastic folder featuring Nano, Hakase, and lots of flowers.
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Posted 10/2/11
So is the manga in english???
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Posted 11/12/11 , edited 11/12/11

By-Tor wrote:

So is the manga in english???

This is a late response, but no; there is no current (legal) English version of the manga. The picture shown is the Japanese release. However, Bandai has announced the North American rights to the show: Bandai has not said how it will be released yet (ie, subtitled only, English dubbed, DVD/Blu-Ray). Bandai will probably say more about the video release in 2012.

EDIT: JManga has volumes 1-4 listed but you cannot buy the volumes or preview them just yet. So perhaps in the near future it will be possible to get the manga that way. Here's a link to volume 1:
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Posted 5/1/12
I WANT IT!!!!!
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Posted 11/28/12
Yeah, so I don't read Japanese, but if Google Translate didn't completely butcher it, I think this says there's a new DVD coming out, like, tomorrow:

Nonetheless, I can't really figure out what's on it, and I'm sure it doesn't come with an English sub. But considering all I've heard was "this series was a complete failure finacially for the studio" and so-forth, I'll take it as an encouraging sign.
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Posted 7/18/13
Its summer of 2013 and still no news at all about any english versions of the manga or PSP game
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Posted 2/1/14
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I think that DVD box that tcfenstermaker mentioned is the directors cut. I read that it was revised 12 ep version of the show when it was re aired... Searching Google 'nichijou directors cut' for more info if anyone interested.
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Posted 8/8/14
Where can I import the Nichijou manga from? I've found Volume 1 and 2 on amazon, but I want more..
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Posted 8/10/14
Volumes 1 through 9 are all available on Amazon Japan. If you're in a country that has a store, Kinokuniya is another potential source for importing Japanese books.
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