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What is your favorite Naruto Shippuuden opening or ending song?
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18 / F / U.S.
Posted 5/29/11
Ok, I LOVE listening to japanese openings and closings to my fav animies, and I was just wondering what everyone's favorite opening or ending song in Naruto Shippuuden was! I'd love to know thanks!!!!!
(I LOVE this little ninja guy!)
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32 / M / san francisco
Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/30/11
Well I like Narutos season two opening (not shippuden)., chunin exam arc. As for shippuden i like season threes, or sora arc Ending, i like the latest one, and boch koi
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Posted 2/4/12
Personally I myself love the opening to the season 9 fillers from 180-196 if you haven't watched it then i suggest that you do best by far.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/22/13
Spring forum cleaning! To keep the forums neat and tidy we only keep 6 months worth of threads since its May 22, 2013 [5/22/13] we will keep only keep posts open from December 22, 2012 [12/22/12]. Please feel free to recreate any thread closed, as long as someone else didn't open another similar one before you.
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