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Post Reply [RP]Class A-1
Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11

Have fun and Learn!-Kipi
Posted 5/31/11
=Cecilia walks into=

Cecilia: So this is my class
Posted 5/31/11
-Kipi walks in Hyper and sits in the front-
Posted 5/31/11
Cecilia: =Sits in the back near the window= That's Kipi, our school president =looks outside=
Posted 5/31/11
-Kipi jumps out of her seat and runs to Ceci-

Kipi:Hello Hello! I'm Kipi School President -Smiles-
So whats up New girl?
Posted 5/31/11
=Cecilia gets startled=
Cecilia: Umm...Umm... h-hello Kipi =smiles back= umm....umm....nothing much....and you? (i suck at talking to people >.< i always get so shy)
Posted 5/31/11
-Ginpachi-sensei walks in (Yes he the one with the white hair) -

Kipi:Bye Bye

-Kipi run back to her seat and look at Ginpachi-sensei-
Posted 5/31/11
Cecilia: Umm....b-bye =looks at Kipi while she runs back to her seat= i wish i wasn't shy =looks at Ginpachi-sensei=
Posted 5/31/11
-Kipi glomps Ginpachi-sensei-

Kipi:Give me Candy

Ginpachi-sensei:My Candy!!!

-Kipi pouts-

Ginpachi-sensei:Fine! -he gives kipi a candy bar-

Kipi:Yayy - she sits back in her seat and nibbles on the candy-

Ginpachi-sensei:Okay Class~ I'm Ginpachi-sensei nice to meet you
Posted 5/31/11
Cecilia: Huh!?!?! =looks at both Kipi and Ginpachi-sensei= (w-why did Kipi Glomp Ginpachi-sensie??) =looks outside the window=
Posted 5/31/11
Ginpachi-sensei:As the can see Kipi knows me I'm Kipi's older Brother!

Kipi:Lets get to learn!

Ginpachi-sensei:okay it time for English!

Everyone:okay Ginpachi-sensei
Posted 5/31/11
Cecilia: =jaw drops a little= (WHAT!?!?! They're siblings) =snaps out of it and mumbles= okay Ginpachi-sensei
Posted 5/31/11
Ginpachi-sensei:Okay everyone you are going to write a 3 to 5 page Story about your talent!

Kipi:heheThis is Easy


-Kipi begins to write her story-

Cecilia:i wanna go back home (lol)
Posted 5/31/11
Cecilia: I guess that's easy =sighs and looks out the window= when will this class end? I want to go back home....

Lol i would say that x3
Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11


-Ginpachi-sensei grabs kipi's paper and reads it-



Yeah this school is crazy
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