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Posted 5/31/11
Rp here if your character is in Yes! Pretty cure 5 or Yes! Pretty cure 5 gogo .
Posted 6/1/11
Karen: *In the student council thingie*

Rin: *Walking to nozomi's house*
Posted 6/1/11
Komachi: *with Karen XD*

Nozomi: *at home XD*
Posted 6/1/11
Rin: *Knocks on nozomi's door* Nozomi~ Its me~! (XD)

Karen: *finishes up work, Or whatever* *Turns to komachi* Lets go. *Walks out of the door*
(XD she's kinda cold/ish Right? *Is only on episode 4* )
Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/1/11
( Check out my Cure Peach color-over~!

Posted 6/1/11
(OMG epic!)
Posted 6/1/11
(:D!!! THX~!)
Posted 6/1/11
Karen: *Turns back to komachi* Are you coming?

Posted 6/2/11
Karen: *Still looking at komachi* Well? Are you coming or not?
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