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Kemeko DX, GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class and Kobo-Chan Join CR
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45 / M / Within the Empire...
Posted 6/11/11
I already saw GA but I'm glad its available here on Crunchyroll so more ppl can check it out. Educational (at least for those of us who are not art or design majors) and fun at the same time.
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29 / M / IL
Posted 6/12/11
None of these show are for me but love to see a bigger back catalog of older show on CR. I may check out Cobo-chan, I've heard some things about and it may be a interesting show to watch. Thank you for all your hard work.
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Posted 6/13/11
genjutsuka felt like an unfunny knock off of hidamari sketch. loved the fanservice and ecchiness of kemeko DX and kobo chan was boring. slice of life is one thing, but have some discretion in picking the every day moments that happen to everyone.
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