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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13

SmixxyGandhi wrote:

Ah yes, the same argument brought up "It's for everyone." yes it's for everyone.. But the real target of audience are girls. Adventure Time isn't girly or it isn't manly either, so your argument on this show is invalid. MLP is not manly at all, nor was it really intended for guys. At first, it was a joke from a guy to like MLP. But some people took it seriously, and ended up liking this god awful show. What are you going to tell your children when your son asked about cool shows you watch and you bring up MLP? Hahahahaha. He'd laugh at you.

um no look it up its what this creator and g1 creator wanted a show for both genders RS and AT are guy shows show ur argument is null whats so bad about a guy liking girls stuff but not the reverse u just admit that girls stuff suck
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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
Since few are able to hold a mature discussion on this topic and several rules have been broken I see no other option that to lock and trash this topic.
None of us feel like cleaning this up.

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