5 Favorite Anime Battles
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Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/7/11
What's your favorite anime fights between two people in an anime?
Mine are: (Not in order)

1) Dragon Ball Z - Goku vs Vegeta (Buu Saga) Because it was the first time that both characters were at an even level and it made for a great battle.

2) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Alex Louis Armstrong vs Sloth because he's my favorite character in that show and I thought he was about to die before he made the ultimate team up. His awesomeness is overwhelming.

3) Dogs (Manga) - Heine Rammsteiner vs Giovanni Rammsteiner. They've only fought twice so far in the manga, I love both fights. They really know how to put on a good show.

4) Black Lagoon (Manga) - Revy vs Ginji Matsuzaki. This was just an awesome ass fight, hands down. And just for the record Ginji and Mr. Cheng and Revy are my favorite characters.

5) Yu Yu Hakusho - Yusuke Urameshi vs Toguro (The Dark Tournament). Honestly, if you didn't like this fight just don't even bother watching anime. Honestly, anime's still doing good, but they don't make fights like these anymore.

P.S. A lot of anime battles these days I just don't enjoy. Why you ask?
It's quite obvious. They build up one battle so much, make that evil villain look uber powerful and you think, oh sweet, he's gonna make for a good fight, than guess what happens... oh of course, the evil guy transforms into something that makes him seem so much weaker, than he goes on and on to complain why he's losing. One of the reasons I was pissed off disappointed with Ichigo vs Aizen. Seriously, Months before that fight came out I knew it would typically end like that. Feed back about what you guys think about this would be nice.
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Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/7/11
1.) Ryougi Shiki vs. Souren Araya (Kara no Kyoukai.) If you think that Araya is just another squishy mage, well think again! Souren Araya is a Kung-Fu wizard and he can hold his ground unarmed against Shiki's 3rd personality armed with a soul-severing Katana. If that's not badass then I don't know what it is.

2.) Roberta vs. US special forces and Roanapur. What do you mean it's not awesome? Rock becomes one helluva magnificent bastard, Roberta wreaking havoc on Roanapur with a slasher smile on her face, former Cold-War Russian paratroopers working together with US special forces and even all the Roanapur Crime Lords are working together to eliminate Roberta.

3.) The Battle of A Baoa Qu (Mobile Suit Gundam 0079.) Of all the defensive battle of all of Gundam AU, this is the most iconic.

4.) 8th MS vs Norris Packard (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th MS Team.) Good guys getting their ass whooped is priceless, Too bad for Norris Packard he didn't have much time to play around.

5.) Zeruel vs NERV (Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) advance.) Detonating a N2 bomb at point blank, Mari activated "The Beast" mode and goes berserk... And EVA-00 got devoured by Zeruel... And later Zeruel got beaten when Shinji ascended to godhood. Wow, Gainax really upped their ante this time.
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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
In no particular order:
1) Naruto vs Gaara (original series)
2) Naruto vs Pein (Naruto Shippuden)
3) Ichigo vs Grimmjow (because Grimmjow is sexy in his released form XD)
4) Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (for the same reason XP)
5) Most of the battles in Fairy Tail are pretty epic
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