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Here will write only the Protectors that have to be as the plan says.Start role play~
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Rhianora and Rhavin stepped out of the portal and found themselves in a forest that was in total darkness, except for the area that Rhianora's and Rhavin's shields were able to eluminate. Rhianora proceeded foward with caution and Rhavin followed close behind, looking all around for signs of danger.

Rhianora spoke telepathically to Rhavin saying: Rhavin, when we get there we must go for their heads and cut them off or else they can respawn.

[Rhavin] : Yes Mistress, i will go for the necks and remove the heads.

Rhavin's teeth, with the added power of light, could cut through anything of darkness and evil, like a nife slicing through the softest butter. Rhianora had confidence that he would overtake these demons with no problem. The only hope and concern she had, was that there would be no changes, from the last time Rhavin had visited here. That's what she was looking out for. Something that would be different from what they expected.
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They hadn't walked long, when the ground below Rhianora's feet gave-way and she began to fall. Rhavin was helpless to know what to do. He just watched as his Mistress sank further into the ground. Then a beam of light shot out of the hole and attached its self to the closest tree.

Rhianora looked down past her feet, as she hung from her grapple beam, watching the ground continue to give-way, till it exposed a river of lava far below. After seeing this, she began to retract her beam till she was pulled completely out.

After this close call, Rhianora told Rhavin to transform and get into the backpack. She then attached her beam to a tree that was 6 feet ahead and began to walk foward. This process was repeated till they reached the end of the forest and the Fortress loomed before them.

Once they were at the edge of the forest, Rhavin jumped out of the backpack and transformed back into a panther then jumped into a tree, so that he could get ready to pounce on a demon without being detected right away.
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Rhianora watched as the demons patroled the courtyard on the eastside of the Fortress. These were definately level 1 demons. They had a black Aura surrounding their bodies. They made gutteral grunting sounds, and greenish mucus oozed from the sides of their mouths. The ground reverberated every time they vocalized their sounds. The air was thick with their sickly stench. It was enough to make one gag. If not for the fact that Rhianora was accustomed to these foul oders, her stomach would be heaving otherwise.

Once Rhianora was done with her observation of the demons and the courtyard, she pulled out her simatars to begin the attack. Rhavin was first to leap into action and pounce out of the tree and attack the demon closest to him. It took him one bite to sever the neck and removed the head and then continue to the next demon. Rhianora charged, flipping in the air and slicing off 2 heads almost simultaniously. Now there was only one demon left and he seemed to be backing off and planning to retreat. Rhianora and Rhavin persued him a short distance to the right, close to a wall. Rhianora stopped short and noticed something she had missed in her observation before. There close to the wall was what looked like a portal. It was pitch black with a swirling center. The demon was already too close to it, to stop his retreat.

Out of the corner of her eye Rhianora saw movement and realized that Rhavin was moving foward. She told him not to attack, that the demon was too close to the portal, but it was too late, Rhavin had already built up too much momentum and had leaped in the air going through the portal after the demon.

Rhianora fell to her knees as wave after wave of anquish assaulted her soul. She knew that going through a portal that led to the Underworld, was a one-way trip and that Rhavin wouldn't be able to come back. Those who had gone through never returned, because in order to do so, you had to have Dark Psi powers. The only person that could have brought Rhavin back was a bestfriend of hers that came from a neighboring planet close to the world she came from. Her friend was a Vampire and had abilities very similar to Rhianora's and just as powerful, except that the power source was opposite. Unfortunately this friend was too far away, in another dimension somewhere fighting some other battle.

Rhianora's eyes filled with tears. She didn't want to go inside the Fortress without Rhavin. He had always been with her in all her battles. She was only 3 years old when Rhavin came to her. He was just a cub himself and they had grown-up together. She could not give up on him now, even if it meant sacrificing her own life to save him, or die trying. Rhianora sat there in the same spot for more than an hour trying to figure out what to do.
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Finally she stood up, she had an idea, she wasn't sure if it would work,but she had to try. Rhianora looked for some thing solid and stable enough to attach her grapple beam to. She was going to cross her beam and create a stronger cord. This was something she had never done before, because there had not been a reason to do so, until now. She wasn't too sure she could achieve this correctly. For the first time in a long time she was going to have to do something, she was not experienced at. When Rhianora was very young, she had recieved instructions on how to create a stronger light beam cord. But that was so long ago, and for Rhavin's sake, she had to remember how it was done.

The only thing Rhianora saw as solid enough, was the wall opposite the dark portal. It was this wall that was a part of the enterance to the hallway that led to the inside of the Fortress. Without anymore hesitation, Rhianora began the process that would create the beam cord. Instead of pointing her palm at the wall, she brought both of her hands up, with her palms facing each other to form a ball of light from the beams of both hands. When the ball of light reached the size of 8 inches in diameter, she moved her hands with the ball of light right up to the core of her stomach. The ball attached its self to her stomach core and Rhianora dropped her hands to the sides. Now Rhianora proceeded to focus on extending the ball of light into a cord that was 8 inches in thickness. The cord extended outward till it attached its self to the wall. Vein-like channels could be seen forming and spreading along the wall. These veins, like the cord glowed with a celestial blue/white light. Meanwhile Rhianora focused on making the cord as strong as possible. Rhianora began to glow with the same celestial brilliance as the beam cord.

Rhianora began to backup slowly towards the portal, never losing focus on her beam cord as she moved closer and closer. Finally she felt herself being pulled through to the other side of the portal, but she kept her eyes on the beam cord, to see if it had weakened. So far it had held strong. Once on the other side, Rhianora looked at her surroundings. The place looked like a cavern with lots of channels that led elsewhere. And there was a redish eerie glow to the place. She didn't see Rhavin, so she tried to communicate with him telepathically.

[ He answered ]: I'm here Mistress......

Rhavin stepped out from behind a large rock, where he had been hiding. He looked at Rhianora in amazement, and said: Mistress i've never seen you glow like that before.

He noticed the cord attached to her stomach and realized instantly why she looked the way she did.

[ Rhavin i'll explain later. Now we need to hurry and try to get out of here!!!]

Rhavin cought the word "try", that was a concern to him. Rhianora always seemed to be sure of what she was going to do, but not this time. He waited for her instructions. He didn't have to wait long.

[ Rhavin, i want you to ride the beam, as you leap through the portal. As long as you stay with the beam, you will get through to the other side.]

Rhavin studied the portal. He had tried to go through before and he couldn't. Now he was reluctent to try again. As he observed the portal, he did notice there was a difference. The portal was only black around the edges. The middle shined and shimmered with an electric blue light, that seemed to be brighter around the area where the beam cord came through. Seeing this gave him the hope and confidence he needed to do as his Mistress asked. Rhavin backed up a short distance and then ran towards the portal and leaped through the center where the beam cord came through, and disappeared through the portal.

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Rhianora continued to focus on keeping the cord stable and strong. Finally after about 3 minutes, she sat on the ground and curled up into a fetal position and began to focus on retracting her light-beam-cord as she proceeded to pull herself towards the portal. Pulling herself through was like trying to fight against a strong wind or a strong current. She continued to focus all her psi-power on her beam cord as she kept moving foward. She finally noticed that she began to move faster, with more ease, and then she came out of the portal.

Rhianora continued to retract her cord beam until she felt she was a safe distance away from the portal. She then brought her hands back up to her stomach and the beam transfered back to her hands, then detached its self from the wall ahead. Once this was done, the beam cord separated into two thinner cords and retracted completely back into Rhianora's hands and disappeared.

Rhianora looked around for Rhavin and didn't see him. She walked around the courtyard and finally found him. He was perched up in the same tree that he used to pounce on a demon earlier. He seemed quite content to stay up there for awhile, to rest from the ordeal, and she didn't blame him. She decided to join him up in the tree too. Good place to rest for a time.
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Rhianora closed her eyes to meditate for a while and Rhavin decided to explore the huge tree they were in. When Rhianora heard Rhavin move, her eyes snapped open and she said: [ Rhavin, be careful, don't go to far.]

Rhavin responded telepathically, saying: Mistress i saw food in the branches above. Don't worry i'll be careful.

Rhianora wondered what he meant by food, and knew it wouldn't be long before he satisfied her curiousity. And sure enough, it wasn't long. Rhianora heard the branch above her head rattle, and then something soft and squishie dropped into her lap. She looked down at her lap and saw a dead Wererat. One of her eyebrows lifted slightly as she thought, oo yucky!!! Rhavin came down just then and said: It's lunch Mistress.

Rhianora grabbed the Wererat from its tail, and placed it close to Rhavin and said: [ I had something else in mind for food.]
She then opened one of the zippered pockets of the backpack and pulled out a foil packet that contained Trail-Mix and began to eat that.

Meanwhile the only sound that could be heard, was the slurping of Wererat tail and crunching, as Rhavin purred with contentment. Then Rhavin said the following: The Wererat is better, it's quite tasty and it has more protien.

Rhianora responded saying: [That's okay, i'll pass.]
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Rhianora thought it was time to let Taiga know of the current situation:

[ Focusing totally on Taiga, Rhianora psychically sent a message to Taiga. Telling her of the unstable ground in the forest and also about the dark portal. So that in this way she could inform Shane and Rei of the trouble ahead.]
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