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Posted 6/8/11 , edited 6/8/11
Listen to me, I want this man dead! Do you hear me, DEAD! Cap in his crown, cement shoes, BBQ, construction accident, I dont give a shit as long as he isnt alive anymore! Thats Jimmy Conzano, the next Don of the Conzano crime family in Central City. He is a small pudgy man but just as heartless as his father. The finger-men in the room all shuffle out and Jimmy slumps back in his leather wingback chair behind the mahogany desk and sighs deeply.

How the fuck did this happen Tony? You said "YOU" said that nothing would happen, now 6 of my men and my cousin Nico are dead and I'm missing $480 large. Jimmy pulls out a beretta from the desk drawer and places it in front of him on the desk. Now tell me what happened from the beginning.

Boss, we dont know. He- Tony tried to explain but was cut off byt he subtle cocking sound of the beretta, now in Jimmy's hand.
Please, continue... Jimmy instructed Tony softly.
He-he came out of no where, like a ghost. Everything was fine when I left the room, then a couple a minutes later I herd gunshots. I ran back to the safe and everyone was dead, the door to the safe was open and the money was gone. Th-there was nothing I could do boss, You gotta believe me.... Tony explained but Jimmy was not convinced.
You tellin me some ghost did this? A fuckin phantom?
Thats not ex-
Should I be calling Ghostbusters!?
Get Bill Murry to solve this problem!? Cause Fuckin Casper just offed 6 of MY guys!? Jimmy yelled angrily. Before Tony could say another word Jimmy shoots Tony in the bicep with a loud bang, the bullet breaking his arm in the process.

I dont wanna hear another word from you! You find this guy and put his head on a pike in the middle of Grand Park for everyone to see! Get the hell out of my office.

Tony held his arm like he was cradling a baby and hurried out of the room scared that Jimmy might shoot him in a more vital spot.
Posted 6/16/11
Its dark... really dark... what time is it...? whatever, fuck it... what time is it...? its dark... really dark... whatever... fuck time is it... its dark...

These thoughts consumed ???? as he stood alone in the darkness. HE felt nothing, no wind, no floor, no gravity, no temperature at all. He smelled nothing, he tasted nothing, he saw nothing. He couldnt even hear his own breathing, only his own thoughts kept him company and they were about as entertaining as a broken record of a prisoner on suicide watch.

... its dark... really dark... what time is it...? where am I...? fuck it... its dark... really dark...

Over and over the questions repeated for hours it seemed, hours upon hours with no ending. This is hell, right? This is pergatory, right? This is the void, right? This is the center of the universe, right? ???? wanted to think of something else but it was like trying to defy gravity, if you let go of a rubber ball does it not bounce?

... what time is it...? whatever, fuck it.... WRP... wait... did you hear that? .... WRP .... there it is again. what is that? wait. wait! where am I? What time is it?!


there it is again. what are you?


where am I?


what time is it?!

Suddenly ???? is blinded by white. He sits up in a panic and looks around, trying to get his head to stop spinning like a tilt-a-whirl.

WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP!
WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP!

Door, window, desk, chair, phone on desk , duffle bag, clock, clothes, gun, sword, wallet on desk.

WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP!
WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP! WrrrrrppppP!

???? reaches over to the origin of the loud familiar sound, the alarm clock, and taps it on the head of its boxy face. 8:26 it reads in bold digital typeface. He presses his palms to his eyes and rubs gently.

What happened last night? Oh right... I robbed a bank...
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