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Posted 6/9/11
We need some forum games you guys enjoy playing, please post the name and how to play it.
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Posted 6/9/11
Hm... how about... that game... (i dont know the name) where someone says a word (randomly).for example cat. the next person has to say another word with the last letter of the previous word. so its... tea.

i know i know... a game everyone knows

but i don't know the name...
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Posted 6/14/11
Rate the song the person above you is listening to!

Says it all really. . .
So basically you link a song of youtube or whatever and the next person rates it out of 10 [1 being crap as and 10 being epic] and then they post a link for the next guy to rate and stuff
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Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
✖i hav 3 games in mind i post them 2gether kk

{Game} Rate tht Guy

1) A user uploads a pic of a anime guy or a hot male celebrity.
2) The next user den has 2 rate 4m 1-10, 1 meanin poor and 10 the highest!
3) If some1 rates poor then plz dnt start a fight or anything...keep it PG13 lol!

{Game}✖Rank ur Anime✖

1) Rate the anime above u
2) Rate it 4m 1~10


1st person= Shugo Chara
2nd person= 8/10, Bleach
3rd person= 7/10, Naruto
and soooooooooooooooooooooo on

{Game} Count to Infinity

✖Count to Infinity✖
✖Dnt skip any numbers✖
✖Hav fun✖
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