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Sims Medieval
Posted 6/14/11
I'm thinking of buying the Sims Medieval. Should I?
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Posted 6/18/11
It kind of sucked...

Basically it doesn't have the same feel as the other sims, it isn't a sandbox game like the sims should be and your freedom is taken away..

You do quests, kind of like an RPG with a sim-like feel... these quests are like "challenge "__" to a duel, this is achieved by clicking on the guys head and pressing "challenge to duel"... then the next quest is "tell the king you won", you do this by clicking on the kings head and pressing "tell the king you won"... quests like this make up 90% of the entire game, a trained monkey could complete it.

It is a ridiculously easy game definitely, but I will admit, it had a fairly interesting story to it, it had that typical simlike humour and was interesting to play through, it wasn't very game like, it was more like one of those pen and paper adventure books where you decide which way to go and you see what happens, its an interesting story, but there isn't much game to it
Posted 6/19/11
Oh, that's dissapointing
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Posted 1/20/12

very dissapointing. you have basicly no freedom. the controls are very frustrating as well. you cant rotate the camra when you want to and it makes me mad
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Posted 1/24/12
Personally, i liked it. Its different from the Sims 3 and i can understand why people might not like but, you have to look at it as a different game with many different goals and storylines. It gave me a type of direction and changed the playing field for me a whole lot. There are a lot of fun interactions though. You MUST remember though, that is is not the same as the Sims 3 so dont approach it like it is. Happy simming~ ^_^
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Posted 3/29/12
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Posted 3/29/12
I don't know. But Sims 3 is the best!
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