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Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: *calls out* S-Sorry Hitomi!!!

Mami: :O! *barrier starts to open*
Posted 6/22/11
Sayaka: *arrives*

Sayaka: We're here.

Sayaka: *looks at the barrier starting to open* Looks like just in time, too.
Posted 6/22/11
Mami: Let's get ready! *transforms*

Madoka: Right! *transforms*
Posted 6/22/11
Sayaka: *transforms*
(Do u wanna play the witch? i can if u want.)

Sayaka: *stands next to Madoka, And mami*
Posted 6/22/11
(ummm i played one last time, u wanna?)

Madoka: L-Let's go! *walks into barrier*
Mami: *follows*
Posted 6/22/11
(okie! :D)
Sayaka: *follows*
Sayaka: *Watching the soul gem, Waiting for it to glow*
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: *soul gem glows towards left* That way!
Mami: *soul gem glows towards right* That way!

Madoka and Mami: o.o . . . >_>
Posted 6/22/11
Sayaka: ..What?? Both of you gems, are glowing a different way??..Does that mean that there's two witches?
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: Yeah.. Hmm.. Umm, Sayaka do you wanna come with me?

Mami: Homura?
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
Sayaka: Sure~Which way do we go?

Homura: Okay. *Starts walking right, Assuming mami is following her XD*

Sayaka:..I guess we're going Left, Then. (XD)

Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
(XD Mami's gem was glowing right XD)

Madoka: I guess so

Posted 6/22/11
(XD ohh okie! i fixed it! XD)

Sayaka: *starts walking left* We're getting closer, Right?


Homura: *keeps walking right*
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: *gem glows alot* I guess we're here! *gets ready*

Mami: *gem glows* Stop. We're here!
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
Homura: *stops* Alright.
(she stops time, and puts explosives around it rite? XD)
Sayaka: *Does that spinny thing XDDD*

Sayaka: *Looking around to see if she can see the witch*

Witch: *comes within sight*

Sayaka: *see's* *starts throwing swords*

Witch: *dodges some of them*

sayaka: Madoka! hit it with an arrow to slow it down!
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
Madoka: O-oh right! *gets ready*

Mami: *wraps it up in ribbon*

(after Mami ties it up XD)
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