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Posted 6/22/11
(XD ooh okie!)

Homura: *stops time* *Puts explosives all around the witch* *goes back over to mami, time moves again XD*
*Big explosion XD*

Sayaka: *throws another sword* hurry! finish it! (XD)
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: R-right! *shoots arrow, arrow launches into 5 arrows and rocket towards witch* Too much?

Mami: Thanks for letting me tie it up first this time..

(Mami and Homura dont get along that well do they? XD)
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
(XD i dont think they do~!)
homura: *Nods, or something XD*

Sayaka: N-No! It was fine! that took it out! Now, if we're lucky, it has a grief seed!
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: I hope!

Mami: . . .
Posted 6/22/11
Homura: *walks over to the exploded witch XD* *picks up a grief seed* *Throws it over to mami*
(assume she just cleaned her soul gem, or something.)

Sayaka: *Walks over to the dead witch XDD* *Picks up the grief seed* *throws it to madoka* Here, you take it! i already have one, And your arrows took out the witch, so you deserve it!
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: Wow, thanks!

Mami: *was walking away, catches grief seed* Thanks. Let's go.
Posted 6/22/11
Homura: okay. *follows mami*

Sayaka: No problem! *see's mami* Hey, There's the others!
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: How did it go?

Mami: Fine. Let's go.

( )
Posted 6/22/11
Homura: *nods* *teleports or whatever XD*

Sayaka: .. You at least got a grief seed, Right? *looking at mami*
Posted 6/22/11
Mami: *smiles* Yeah!
Posted 6/22/11
Sayaka: Great! We did too!

Sayaka: Oh! Speaking of, *takes out her grief seed, Cleans her soul gem*
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: *cleans her soul gem*
Mami: *does the same*

Madoka: ? What about you Homura, don't you have a grief seed too?
Posted 6/22/11
Homura: I just recently cleaned mine..

Sayaka: Still, You should clean yours, You used some power just now.

Homura: *pulls out her soul gem* See? its not even dimmed, so its fine.

Nikki: *walking around*..
Posted 6/22/11
Madoka: W-well, why don't we go celebrate with some cake! ?

Kyubey: I would say go out for more witch hunting but I guess we've done enough for today-
Mami: Correction! *points to all the Mahou Shoujo's other than Nikki and Skara, including herself* WE have done enough for today!

(i only put spaces between my characters when im working with different subjects XD)
Posted 6/22/11
Sayaka: Yea! *Un-Transforms* Lets go~ We deserve a break.

Homura: whatever..I dont really care.

Sayaka: ..... (XD)

Nikki: *Somehow bumps into mami* Oh. sorry. I wasn't looking where i was going.
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