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Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: That's cool! ^_^
Posted 6/19/11
Dia: *nods, smiling*

Meg: *comes up to Dia and Elizabeth* Hey, What's going on? *smiles, looks at Elizabeth*
Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: Hi!

( This is Elizabeth:
Posted 6/19/11
(She's pretty!! :3)

Meg: Hey! I'm Meg.

Dia: This is Elizabeth.. *smiles*

Meg: *looks at Elizabeth, smiles* Nice to meet you Elizabeth!
Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: You too!
Posted 6/19/11
Meg: *smiles, looks around* This is a cool school!

Dia: *looks around her* Yea.. *looks at Elizabeth* Are you new here?
Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: Yeah, just started today. But my brothers have been going here for a while. What about you?
Posted 6/19/11
Meg and Dia: Same. *looks at each other*

Dia: Uh yea.. well, what should we be doing away?

Meg: Getting lockers?

Dia: *small shrug*
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Elizabeth: My brothers say that you get to decorate your locker! Cody, the oldest, did his locker graffiti-style, or whatever. Jason put a Tiki head on his locker; it takes up the whole thing.
Posted 6/19/11
Meg: Really?! Thats cool!

Dia: *nods, smiling* What style are you going to do Elizabeth?
Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: I'm not sure. What about you guys?
Posted 6/19/11
Meg: I know Dia's would be a cute, rock and roll, gothic-ish style.

Dia: Thats.. right. And Meg's.. Something with guitars.

Meg: *looks at Dia* Thats all you know?!

Dia: Not my fault!

Meg: Eh.. Can't really blame you.
Posted 6/19/11
Elizabeth: *laughs* I'm probably gonna do-

Cody: *walks up and grabs Elizabeth's arm* C'mon, little sis. Let's go and redeem your PearPhone.

Elizabeth: I'm in the middle of a conversation and will you stop calling me that?!

Cody: No. - . -
Posted 6/19/11
( Hey, can I make Meg and Dia's Slap pages? )
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Dia: *looks at Cody* ...

Meg: *looks at Cody and then at Elizabeth* Oh cool, you have a brother!

Dia: = . = Durr...

Meg: *looks at Dia* Rude much? :|

Dia: *looks at Elizabeth* What happened to your phone?

(Yea sure! :3)
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