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Posted 6/20/11
Elizabeth: Oh! Do you guys wanna meet my other brother, Jason?
Posted 6/20/11
Dia: *looks at Elizabeth* Sure. *smiles*

Meg: Oh you have 2 brothers! Yea, we would like to meet him.

Posted 6/20/11
Elizabeth: Ok! *texts Jason*

Jason: *walks down the stairs and over to Elizabeth* What?

Elizabeth: This is Meg and Dia. They've already met Cody so I decided to let them meet you, too!
Posted 6/20/11
Meg and Dia: *waves hello*

Meg: Hi!

Dia: Hello. *smiles*
Posted 6/20/11
Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Most people don't believe me, but he's my little brother.

Jason: We're in the same grade.

Elizabeth: Duh.
Posted 6/20/11
Meg: Really?

Dia: *nodding* I see.. And I can see she doesnt believe it. *points to Meg*

Posted 6/20/11
Elizabeth: I guess it's because him and Cody got my dad's tallness and... Well... I didn't.

Jason: And she doesn't look her age.

Elizabeth: Yes I do!

Jason: *sarcastic* Sure.

( I just saw lightning and heard thunder! > . < )
Posted 6/20/11 , edited 6/20/11
(OH NOES!! > o < I hope you guys are safe over there!!)

Meg: *looking at Jason and then at Elizabeth* Hm...

Dia: *looks at Meg, whispers* Will you stop doing that?!


Dia: I'm certain Meg doesnt act her age.

Meg: *stops* Psh..

(Wanna see Dia's TheSlap page?? )
Posted 6/20/11
( What?)

Elizabeth: *laughs*

( Ahhh! DX more lightning!! )
Posted 6/20/11
(LOL! XD Just saying to stay safe! XD )

Dia: *laughs a bit* ...

Meg: *shakes head, looks at Jason* So what do you think we should do? We've been standing here, just talking! XD

Posted 6/20/11 , edited 6/20/11
(I'll show it anyway! XD)


(OH! And I gotta go!! Have to wake up early tomorrow.. and it's already 3:38am here! I'll RP with you tomorrow!! ^ w ^)
Posted 6/20/11 , edited 6/20/11
Jason: Well, I was gonna go get a coffee..

Elizabeth: Ooh, coffee! :happy:

( Its epic! ^___^ And okie! Night Nadi! )
Posted 6/20/11
(Thank you!! > w < Night to you too!!)
Posted 6/20/11
Aiko: *Walks into the building, Walks to her locker*
(Her locker is near elizabeths'! :D)
Posted 6/20/11
( Okie! :D! )

Elizabeth: Well, its been awesome talking with you guys but, I'm gonna go find my locker so I can decide how I wanna decorate it. Bye! *goes to her locker*
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