Astarotte's Toy episode 11
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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/20/11

What?! Why are they rushing it? Lotte will die if she does not get the lifeseed. What good will it do if Naoya leaves? What about her harem?

Everyone's saying it looks like they're rushing a finale.
Does anyone have any information?
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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/20/11
Well it's based off a manga. And the anime is further along than said manga. So yeah. And plus it's a 12 episode anime. This was their second last episode. They need to cram the finale into the next episode.
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
It started off good, but it seems like they are just trying to rush through it. I had high hopes for this anime, but my interest is waning!
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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
I think it is just an "end of Season/Series" Climax attempt.

My guess is that by the end of the final episode Lotte will scream out how much she cares for him, then the problem will be mysteriously fixed, it'll turn out she isn't entering adulthood just yet and she will deign having said anything about caring for him, call him Baka and then everything will be reset to base value.

Lotte as an adorable Tsundere Loli
Naoya as the much suffering father figure/Butler
Asuha as the energetic playmate

que end credits and everyone holds out for a second season of more of the same.

It's a cute show and I do enjoy it but it is fairly predictable.

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