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If you were a video game final boss
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23 / M / No where
Posted 3/6/08
1.Nub Poner
3.to beat the protagonist duh
4.cuz it looks cool
5. lightning bolts out of fingers and summon minions
6.swords. and minions!
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22 / M / Massachusetts
Posted 3/6/08
1. Z
2. Weirdo Kid
3. Wish the stupidity away
4. I got bored
5. Wish/Pray
6. God
Posted 3/16/08

akumalevel4 wrote:

2. What kind of creature,robot,human,ect would you be
3.Your plan
4.Reason you became evil
5.Power or weapons or both
6.solo,team, or minions
7.What kind of hero are you up against

1. Immortalis, lord of undying bread
2. angel and demon rolled into one
3. disquised myself as angel offer healing to the hero, but instead give him an incurable poison
4. just for the heck of it,
5. a sword that moves on its own
6. solo
7. level one character.
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28 / F
Posted 3/16/08

kenshin922 wrote:

Id be like a giant mushroom and then rool on everyone

If you were a game boss of super Mario bros, then Mario would eat you.
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Posted 3/16/08
1. Scyther
2. Human
3. To save someoen that he really wants to love
4. The one that he loved was infected with a disease, but the only way to get it was to destroy a "good" organization
5. Weapon is a big and log scythe, his power is to attack surrounding enemies
6. None
7. A cluleless hero that does not know why he is fighting
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28 / M / Game Boy Color.
Posted 3/16/08
1. Evil Robot King
2. Gigantic Evil Robot. Who is evil.
3. Establish Robot Universal Empire.
4. I am a robot.
5. Robot weapons. Y'know. Those ones.
6. Massive Robot Army.
7. Everything.
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24 / F / Texas
Posted 3/19/08
1.Alexandra (it sounds evil)
3.Get revenge on the world. ^^
4.idk...my true love was killed.
5.magic. :)
6.solo. B)
7.the person that killed my true love. dundundun <- plot twist
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28 / M / Riding the Galaxy...
Posted 3/19/08
1. Pikachu
2. God of Gods
3. Not getting caught by some guy who pisses his pants
4. Pika-power!!
5. With the help of his Pika-pals!!
6. To take over the world through the power of Pika-pika!!

Bah.. This is where boredom gets you..
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34 / M / Qatar
Posted 3/19/08
3.To seek my inner truth
4.when i was pushed around ,kind and weak <kind ppl dies faster> so i became stronger,more evil !! everyone fear my wrath.
5.Great Fists ,Great Kicks, One Large Blade on my Back
7.My Self
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25 / M / Davao City, Phili...
Posted 3/23/08

1. Jeiki
2. I think just a human...
3.What every villain wants? World Domination... Torment every human being...
4.To get revenge... for I feel alone..
5.Lightning Fast attacks
6.Solo (minions are just idiots!)
7.A party of different element holders...
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28 / M / over the hills an...
Posted 3/31/08

2. What kind of creature,robot,human,ect would you be:
a human that tapped and mastered chemical release in the body through training and reached the next
step in human physical power

3.Your plan:
to destroy any source of authority and teach people how to tap that power, then create a world where only the strong survive

4.Reason you became evil:
humanity is becoming weak and fragile .. people lie and get lied to ... a have to purify human existence ... only through suffering does humanity realize its true potential ... and oh will it suffer!!

5.Power or weapons or both:
what people thought was "super" speed or "super" strength or "bullet time" ... this is what humanity had all along ... and this is only the beginning of our strength, i usually have just gauntlets and grieves ... but a also carry a sword i rarely use

6.solo,team, or minions:
Solo ... for now

7.What kind of hero are you up against:
whoever stands in the way of human evolution!!!!! ... if you disagree thats fine ... but if you're going to do something about it ... well ... by all means .. amuse me

Quote just before the final fight:

**laughs maniacally** well would you look at that, maybe i was wrong about you .... lets find out shall we **attacks hero**

Mid fight quote:

whats with that happy look on your face, the only reason you even came this far is because of my teachings! but thats not it ... witness true human power!!! **steam starts coming out of me** you once said you fight for the weak ... well i fight so that they dont have to remain that way!

After fight quote:

.... well ... i guess i should be happy .... **cough blood** .... even if humans remain weak ... at least ... at least they'll be safe with people like you around ... ungh!! ... heh .... hats off to you bro **collapses and dies**
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32 / M / USA
Posted 4/1/08
1)Freya from Star Ocean 3
2)Human (i think)
3)with 60,000,000 HP and 70,000,000 MP im almost and pretty much unstopable to ALL RPG hero's even bosses...become a LIVING LEGEND
4) no 1 can hurt me
5)clouds sword from AC
6) dont matter they will all die
Posted 4/1/08
why does everybody wants to be a ninja?
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26 / M
Posted 4/1/08
2.demon general
3.to destroy humanity,unlesh hell on earth
4.im just following the demon king wishes
5.dark energy,shapeshifter,illusions
6.minions-my illusion(that will take shape of your love ones)
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77 / M
Posted 4/1/08
1. Super Chappysaiyan
2. A giant pink elephant
3.World Domination
4.Was too pink
5.chick smash
7.a geeky superhero
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