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If you were a video game final boss
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M / Within the deepes...
Posted 4/3/08
1. Detective Doctor negi super namekian banana monkey jr (seriously the name pwns lol)
2. Id be a monkey that has a glass eye that is basically useless besides if i want to throw it lol.
3.To take over the globe(as is a world globe you can buy at a store)
4.Someone complemented me
5.Weapon, a giant sword that i cant pick up, but i am sometimes lucky to lift it and squish enemy,cuz i hide behind others just like any good and strong villian,lol
7.a sadistic murderer who is fighting for money,fame, and shallow romance......
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25 / F / Cloud 9'~
Posted 4/4/08
1.) Ice queen
2.) Ice Queen >__>
3.) Kill the hero, which keeps ruining my plan.
4.) The Hero keeps ruining me plan.
5.) Ice powers, any kind.
6.) Solo, with minions.
7.) I'm up against a stupid one, which always believes in his self. Like Emiya Shirou or someone you know.
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77 / M / california
Posted 4/4/08
2. What kind of creature,robot,human,ect would you be-human
3.Your plan-make money
4.Reason you became evil-somoene stole a cookie from me when I was young
5.Power or weapons or both-able to control time
6.solo,team, or minions-sora, donald, and goofy
7.What kind of hero are you up agains-John Steinbeck
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23 / USA
Posted 4/5/08
1. Mushroom Destroyer
2. Good Tasting Food
3. Get Rid Of Mushrooms
4. I Don't Like Mushrooms
5. Fork
6. Solo
7. Mushrooms
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Posted 4/5/08
1. Codename: Le Cerveau
2. Plain, ordinary, human being
3. To wipe out injustice
4. Working for the wrong boss, who happened to be evil
5. Passive magic cancelling within 1000 metres [i.e. no one can use magic around me], an ordinary cane
6. A team of seven people, each specializing in something. And I do mean a team, not a bunch of people who breaks up in a battle in a bunch of one-on-one fights. Focus on defence and battles of attrition.
7. An uber powerful tank with a lot of magical powers.
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19 / F
Posted 4/5/08
Evil living trash can
pollute the world
noone respects the garbage man
pollution, Manipulate garbage, can become bigger by absorbing near by trash
Against the most powerful heroes of all time: Goku, Naruto, Mario, and Oprah!!!
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Posted 4/5/08
1. Pudding Kitty Master
2. a giant talking cat
3. save the environment and reduce human population
4. humans are selfish, greedy beings (most are)
5. controls food and plants.
6. animals.. and trees....... Naruto and Kurosaki
7. err.. Sasuke and team of emo bluemen

kittygoesrawr. >3
Posted 4/5/08
1. Risoni
2. Angel
3. disposing the un-nessasary -lots of sp-
4. Everyone was against our plan of eternal peace and spoke freely about there own greed.
5. Holy Arrows
6. Minions- sharpe heartless angels
7. Demons and Humans.

So this means I was the good guy that was bad xD oh yeah, that was a random name.
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F / 221B Better-Than-...
Posted 4/5/08
1. ???
2. A fallen angelic goddess
3.To have my revenge by destroying all of the other gods and being the only ruler of the heavens
4. I was once good, but the other gods did not approve of my relationship with another, as it is forbidden. So they turned him into a human who was destined to tragedy throughout all of his reincarnations.
5.Control of the elements, teleportation, regeneration, immortality, etc
6.Minions-Fallen angles who have been cast out from heaven.
7. A guy who wants to save the human race, he’s also fighting for the one he loves.
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26 / M / The planet you we...
Posted 4/5/08
4.Why become evil?
5.No powers at all
6.Loner hermit loser guy(who lives in his parents' basement)
7.The ultimate good
Boy if this was your final boss, won't you be disappointed. If this guy was the final boss of God of War or Final Fantasy, I would chuck the disc into the face of anyone who pisses me off. Especially Final Fantasy, average 60 hours of leveling, battling, and epic later, you get some normal guy named Phil? Probably has 5hp or something.
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27 / M / Slough UK
Posted 4/5/08
Hybrid Human
Be the boss
Power corrupts... more power = more corruption
Able to use anything as weapon even the blood in other people (blood bending kind of like in Avatar)
Fallen foes become minions
A variety of heroes - "anyone who calls them self a hero"

I wish - but in reality I am quite the opposite person. lol.
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22 / M / on the computer?
Posted 4/5/08
2. Giant ROBOT
3.To destroy the universe and gain all power
4.I lost to Optibus Prime
5.shoot lazers from my hands
6.the "decepticons"
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35 / M / California
Posted 4/5/08 Joliame

2. What kind of creature,robot,human,ect would you be: Human

3.Your plan: No plan, just a series of questionable events

4.Reason you became evil: People just see me that way, i'm not nessarily evil.

5.Power or weapons or both: Power: Foresight. Weapons: anything.

6.solo,team, or minions: Small team, me and a few others. No one is really the boss.

7.What kind of hero are you up against: A naive one that doesn't understand the meaning of loss. I don't want to teach it to him, but he needs to stop getting in my way. What i'm doing is for me and me alone.

Hmmm, that seems a bit too emo for me. Just remember even as a "bad guy" my scents of humor would still be there.
Posted 4/6/08
1. fire frenzy
2.magician dragon liked and save the world
4.i was annoy ind by some people blast and sword three brothers
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