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25 / F / U.S.A.
Posted 6/21/11
This show is alright, I guess. Not the best show I've ever seen. It's just that. While I LOVE mystery shows. I do find some of the mysteries on the show to be too far fetched. Like the Leviathan storyline could NEVER happen in real life. I would just prefer that it would be more realistic. On mystery shows, I like realism. It's because I normally try to solve the mystery before the characters do. I enjoy challenging myself mentally. I always try to predict what's going to happen BEFORE it actually happens. Sometimes I'm dead wrong. and sometimes I'm right. With this show, it's too far fetched. So, you can't really try to solve the mystery before Victorique solves it. I mean, some of the parts were easy to solve. I just want realism. I mean, AT LEAST with mystery shows I want realism.
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19 / F / Death City
Posted 6/30/11
well......actually, this show is a pretty good anime and i think it doesnt really matter what type of anime it is as long as it's a good anime that you can enjoy and yes, mysteries are interesting and all, but Gosick IS possible to guess what's going to happen just that sometimes Victorique cuts to the chase nd you dont get a chance because Victorique knows alot and can solve any mystery and know all that's going to happen so yeah....but still, gosick an enjoyable anime and i think that this is a good anime that everyone should watch.
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23 / M / oshawa ON
Posted 7/1/11
i like this show i like how they connect fairy tales to the real world some of the puzzles are pretty good i like the characters
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16 / M / Canada
Posted 7/31/11
lol the mysteries in Gosick were pretty easy, no wonder Victorique could figure them out so easily, the only thing that stumped me was the horse challenge with Victorique and Kujo's brother, since i couldn't see the picture long,
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