Liar Game
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Wishing she would live up to the ideal, Kanzaki Nao's father named her thusly for “honesty”. Nao has more than lived up to her father's wishes--even exceeding them and earning the label of "a foolishly honest girl". This makes Nao the least qualified candidate for the high stakes 'Liar Game', where winning requires deceiving the opponent out of their money and losing means receiving massive debt. However, that doesn't stop a box containing a hundred million yen in cash and a card informing her of her participation in the game from arriving at her doorstep, nor does it stop her from being promptly tricked out of the entire sum of money. Upon hearing that a genius swindler, responsible for the bankruptcy of a major corporation, is being released from jail, Nao goes to the swindler, Shinichi Akiyama, to enlist his help. With that, the two are drawn into the dark, greed-filled, and deceptive world of the Liar Game.


Shinichi Akiyama. Formerly a graduate student majoring in psyhcology, he is a "genius swindler" who took down a giant MLM scam named Shuuei to avenge his mother. He helps Nao when he sees the honest nature she had, just like his mother. Although he is not invited into the Liar Game, he enters by substituting for another player in Round II. By Round III he is respected (and feared) enough by the LGT players to become unofficial leader of the Southern Country, though he tries to keep things equal in the group. Yokoya, however, knows Akiyama had been manipulating his team mates and mocks him for it.

Nao Kanzaki. Nao is a stupidly honest girl who sees herself trapped in the Liar Game after finding 100 million yen in a box along with a card. Now, she has to take care of the money for 30 days and try to steal another 100 million from his rival. She believes that Liar Game is about how much a person can remain honest and plays the games with honesty. She is always concerned about her teammates and opponents and always tries to save them from debts and sometimes in the process sacrificing herself with staying in the game and paying others debts.

Yuuji Fukunaga. A transvestite who first appears in Round II, where he poses as a woman named Hitomi (Hitomi is his friend for whom he substitutes as player No. 3). Sly and calculating and also a 5th degree black belt, Fukunaga is a skilled manipulator whose greatest weakness appears to be his desire for money and his bad temper. He greatly hinders Nao and Akiyama during Round II and the Revival Round, but has never been able to outwit Akiyama. However, Fukunaga cooperates with them well during Round III and even when he finishes the round debt-free, he chooses to continue in the tournament. During Revival Round II, he disguises himself as a woman again. To avoid revealing his skills during the mock stimulation, he sends Nao in his place, matching Solario's expectations. Though Fukunaga seems fond of Nao in his own way, he doesn't think of her as competent.

Norihiko Yokoya. Yokoya first appears in Round III, and is obsessed with domination. He is a calm, darked-haired man who is fond of carrying mice on his person. Nearco accurately describes him as Akiyama's greatest rival, and Nao senses something odd about him early in the game. According to Akagi, Yokoya substituted for another player in their Revival Round. The 8 other players agreed to give each other their votes to ensure Yokoya would lose, but for the first two rounds Yokoya bribed everyone's votes and got all 80 of them. He then sold his extra 29 votes to get everyone else's money. Except for the person most loyal to Yokoya, everyone was put in a 200 million debt to Yokoya. Yokoya let the loyal follower drop out of the Liar Game, and continues to control his teammates in Round III, setting up a dictatorship in the Northern Country. Although he plans to drop out with his winnings after Round III, Nao antagonizes him into proceeding to Round IV.

Reviewers' Comments

10/10. I thoroughly enjoyed this manga, to the point where I finished 95 chapters in 2 days (Although each chapter is roughly 17-18 pages). It's a manga that will have you thinking about how on earth could Akiyama possibly beat the opponent, only to have a plan so complicated and thought-out that Einstein would be staring at the page with smoke coming out his ears. Truly an amazing manga. Moetrice-Sama

10/10. Being completely unpredictable, it will keep you hooked and you won't even realize how many chapters have you read. Ginaz

10/10.. I'm enjoying this series quite a bit. I'm not quite sure what I'll think of it by the end, because the main reason I'm still reading this series is its irresistible premise. I sincerely hope that the story and characters develop, because I really think there's a lot of potential that I'm not seeing. blackking302

10/10.. Wow. Just... wow. I can't explain how great this manga is. From the moment I started reading this manga up until I finished the latest arc, I was amazed. The mangaka is a genius for writing something so smart and enjoyable. I may not be an experienced reviewer but from what I have read, this manga deserves all the praise, recognition (if any) and fame it's getting. Brilliant! chrome_mist

So guys, what did you think of Liar Game? Thoughts? Comments? Discuss.

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Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/15/11
I love this series.. I was hooked after the first chapter ^^ I just wish it was licensed in the U.S. I would love to support it legally and own the volumes..

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Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/16/11
haven't read it in a couple months X.x
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haven't read it yet. it's on my "to read" list, but idk if i'll get to it anytime soon. there are a LOT of good mangas on my list.
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Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/17/11
I love how every round she spends the first half convincing the other people that she is not lying to them in a game titled the Liar Game.
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Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/17/11
You should watch the JDrama. It was soooooooooooooooo good ^__^ (Especially those who liked Nishikado in Hana Yori Dango! oh and Umi-chan LOL)
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/29/12
I watched this drama! And I have to say, it was amazing!
I loved the characters & the whole plot! I really did!
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Posted 6/29/12 , edited 6/30/12
I love this series SO much! Saw the drama and the movie, I want to see the other Liar Game movie come out but Nao isn't in it so it feels like I don't want to watch it because the main heroine is gone
Anyway, after the long wait for the manga to come out, I literally flipped when I saw the new chapter come out, I must thank the mangaka for being a complete genius in making something unique like this.
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