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Must have songs to have on your ipod
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28 / Norway
Posted 8/21/11

NeOn_LoVe wrote:

AHTL wrote:

All of my 11k songs. Why limit yourself after all?

that's got be over 50Gb there about need big ipod

My iPod has 160gb, and all my songs take 104gb space. So yeah, it takes a lot of space.
Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/21/11
My Ipod has died like 3 times, I have a new one now and I didn't remember the song I must always have! the artist is from Israel so I couldn't even remember the lyrics I only remembered the sound, it was a lost cause and I was so depressed!!!

Luckily, my brain remembered the name of the singer after 1 year lol better late than never! now that i found it I'm complete^^

בכל פעם שאני מתאהב (בך מחדש) -יזהר אשדות - Bechol paam she'ani mitahev by Izhar Ashdot.

And all my metal-rock-punk favorite songs. (especially those from Nightwish, Muse, Tool, Blur, Marcy Playground, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Tristania, Radiohead, the beatles, Kamelot etc etc) and all my classic songs ( those by Pachelbel, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Saint Saens, Franz Schubert, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Paco De Lucia etc) can't live without them!!
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18 / F / United States
Posted 6/2/12
Alot ... just the songs I listen to the most <333333
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21 / F / Yo mommas house ;D
Posted 7/5/12 , edited 7/5/12
Your. Guardian angel red jumpsuit apparatius cx when u. Have those momements
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Posted 7/7/12
All Girls' Generation songs.
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27 / M / salt lake city utah
Posted 7/15/12
this is what im listening to right now :))))
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19 / M / USA
Posted 7/15/12
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is a pretty sweet song.
Posted 7/20/12
1000 songs that all come under the categories of K-pop, J-pop, Vocaloid and any popular songs that I might like~!!! I really hate rock though~! x
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