Post Reply Killing off Loved Characters (spoiler warning)
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Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/28/11
First off id like to say that I , under most cases, don't care for shows that do this. but It would be hard for me not to say that this is one of the best show I've watch.

Now I've noticed that once the time line has been changed, the characters also change. This would upset me the most. Uri that is Funny, loving, carefree. playful...and a little sad. I could go on. What if that changes. I will miss her "Doot do DOOOO!" the most!
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Posted 6/28/11
gesh! its was 1 end of the episode that she died and people already say they miss her? shes been in the last two episodes. and this is a anime on time travel. he can change the time line with d-mail but not with mind transfer he just need to figure it out. im sure shes saveable.
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Posted 8/30/11
I was really sad when she Okabe had to witness her dying so many times it was sososo sad, and now Kurisu! gah, im hoping the end isn't a tragic one
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Posted 9/7/11
I just wonder if they're going to pull off a Chrono Trigger ending, with the clones. I mean, we got a glimpse of an unknown, naked Kurisu at the end. Is she a clone? Are they going to use clones? Lol. Whatever the case, I've really enjoyed the series.
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