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20 / M / Denmark
Posted 6/29/11
I got a question. Why does bleach not come out every week at tuesday? Sometimes there is a long period were bleach manga doesn't come out in the internet. And then suddenly 3 manga comics come out at the same time, same date. I don't live in Japan or a place where they sell those magazines, but is it the same in the shops?
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30 / F / California
Posted 7/3/11
No idea about the shops but the website you're probably reading it on either can't get their hands on it fast enough, doesn't have the resources to post it up quickly or something other of the sort. Also, the new chapter comes out on a weekly basis every Thursday, Japan time (with the exception of a few holidays such as Golden Week). If you live in America like I do, that means you're lucky enough to get it on Wednesdays. I say find a different website that updates faster if you must get your hands on it.
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19 / F / USA
Posted 7/5/11
Your bleach manga website might be slow.
I know the manga website www.mangabit.com is slow with it's releases.
So I use www.manga-access.com. The manga they post is always up to date.
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M / Searching For The...
Posted 7/6/11

I use mangascream, they normal have them out by late Thursday, but they have a new group or something n they have the chapter out by Wednesday morning by lunch time in the US.

I think this is how it goes. We get the anime real quick, but as to the chapter goes, They either have to find someone who can get the manga, or try to agree with another site to get a copy of the raw manga.

I just read or watch , i dont complain.
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