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Posted 6/29/11
Here's the rp~nya! No one knows they're a mew at first except the main characters, kay?
Posted 6/29/11 , edited 6/29/11

(Okay, she doesn't know that she's a Mew Mew. Actually, she isn't even aware that such things exist at the moment.) Yuki woke with a start to the sound of an unnecessarily loud, giant bell. She looked around the orphanage, only to confirm once again that the nightmare that had been her life recently is still reality. She decided to skip whatever they may be going to give her for breakfast here, and walked to school, a bit slowly. She began to wonder if her school had changed much since she was in a coma.
Posted 6/29/11
Ume: *yawns and gets out of bed* "Maybe I'll get money today." *heads to square in front of cafe* "HEY, LISTEN UP!" *takes out cd player* *sings: "I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake."-new soul by Yael Naim
Momoka: *walking to school* *passes square and sees ume* *watches*
*people throw money*
Ume: *catches every cent* "Arigoto, arigoto!"
Momoka: *throws change to Ume*
Ume: *looks up at Momoka* "Arigo- wait a minute, you go to my school!"
Momoka: "Yeah. That was really good!"
Posted 6/29/11
Yuki passes through the square on her way to school, deep in thought. Even though she walked right past Momoka and Ume, she seemed rather oblivious.
Posted 6/29/11
Momoka: *looks at watch* "We're going to be late!"
Ume: "Nooooooooooo that's what i get for trying to sing in the mornings!" *runs off to school*
Momoka: "Wait!" *chases after and passes Yuki in a breeze*
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F / Hazama
Posted 6/29/11 , edited 6/29/11
Ichigo:*Wakes up*Oh great I'm almost late for school!
*Gets dressed runs downstairs puts bread in her mouth and runs to school*
BYE MAMA BYE PAPA!(Thats how they say it in the subbed.)
Posted 6/29/11
Ume: *at school* "Ah, I made it!"
Momoka: *far behind and not at school* "CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!"
Posted 6/29/11 , edited 6/30/11
Yuki is even further behind Momoka. She noticed that Ume and Momoka ran past her quickly. She decided that instead of running to school and ending up late anyway, that she would continue walking.
*About ten minutes after Ume got to school*
Yuki finally made it to school, but it seemed empty(everyone is already in class). She had expected this. She went to the main office and got a slip to go back to class. When the secretary asked why she had missed so many days, Yuki made a quick decision not to tell the truth. She didn't want to make people sad, and didn't think that she needed others' pity. She lied and quickly said that she had caught the chicken pox. The secretary squinted and frowned at her incredulously, but for some reason, either pretended to believe her or decided to trust her for now. It made Yuki slightly uncomfortable trying to decide which it was. The secretary slowly handed Yuki the slip after writing it, and quickly told Yuki, "Stay out of trouble, kid." Yuki nodded, now positive that the secretary had seen through her lie. Yuki exited the office and started walking towards her classroom. She felt disappointed in herself for lying, and was a bit worried about whether the secretary would tell her parents about her lies. Suddenly, Yuki had a shock of sadness, remembering there aren't parents to tell anymore. She wanted to cry until her eyes were bloodshot and she had no tears left, but bottled up her sadness once again. She calmed herself, and made a bit of a poker face to avoid anyone asking "What's wrong?". She opened the door to her classroom, with an emotionless, yet cold expression. She silently handed the slip to her teacher, and sat in the seat she had sat in before Christmas break and her coma. The teacher frowned. "Yuki Akiyo! You're a month and ten minutes late. Explain yourself!", she demanded. Yuki avoided looking directly at the teacher. Lying seemed easier that way. She responded after a moment, "I caught the chicken pox." The teacher scowled. "It must have been a very bad case of chicken pox. Welcome back, it's good that you're feeling better.", the teacher said, still bitter. The teacher resumed teaching after that. (She's beginning to build an emotional wall around herself, which she will from now on web with lies. *sigh* I've set up quite the emotionally scarred character, haven't I? ;-;)
Posted 6/30/11
(yeah, it's gonna be hard to break through to her)
Ume: *stares directly at Yuki* (no subtlety)
Momoko: *arrives just after Yuki*
Teacher: "You're late, Momoko-san. Where were you?"
Momoko: "Wow, I didn't know this school employed stalkers! I guess no one else wants to be a teacher these days, with the low pay and all."
Teacher: "Don't be disrespectful, Momoko-san!"
Momoko: "And now Sensei is paying more attention to me then her other students. Careful, Sensei, we have a test coming up!"
Teacher: "What did you say, Momoko-san?!?"
Momoko: "Sensei's hard of hearing, too?! I guess no one can be perfect...."
Teacher: "Momoko-san, go outside!"
Momoko: "Outside of what? You should be more specific, Sensei."
Teacher: *throws temper tantrum*
Momoko: *sits in seat with a triumphant(not sure if I spell correctly) smile*
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Posted 6/30/11
Zakuro decides to skip school and goes to the cafe to work. " Wow its a slow day today."
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 7/1/11
Ume: *does work quietly*
Sub Teacher: *walking around* *looks at Momoko* "Why are you wearing that glove? It's not in dress code!"
Momoko: *quickly covers hand* "I have terrible burns and scars on this hand. You don't wanna see them."
Posted 7/2/11
Yuki finishes her work early and lays her head down on her desk.
(Is there anything else to say or do in the classroom scene, or should we go ahead and time skip to lunch/after school/other?)
Posted 7/3/11
(waiting for rukka-chan to show up to see if she has anything to say about the glove/burn thing.)
Posted 7/4/11

Rukka-chan wrote:

Ichigo:*Wakes up*Oh great I'm almost late for school!
*Gets dressed runs downstairs puts bread in her mouth and runs to school*
BYE MAMA BYE PAPA!(Thats how they say it in the subbed.)

(o.o maybe quoting her will make her check the forum....)
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18 / F / England. No more...
Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
Wait, if there isn't anyone RPing for one of the original characters, then are you going to leave them out or just like, cover for them until someone is gonna RP for them? You can ignore this if you want, but it was just out of curiosity
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