They won't let me cancel!!!
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Posted 6/29/11
So i put in my card and everything and the "Free" Trial starts. I notice it's not too different from the free membership so I want to cancel it. they say they will automatically charge you after the "Free trial" is over, So i press cancel and it says that i can't cancel while my information is being validated. I think this is just stupid considering the fact that it recognizes my card on the page..... So yea...Any advice?
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 6/30/11
So I checked your account. You can't cancel the membership well it's checking your card. You have to wait a few hours. You should be able to cancel now. It wouldn't have renewed until July 13, so you have a lot of time to cancel.
Follow this link if you still wish to cancel:
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Posted 3/13/12
So are you saying i have to wait few hours after to cancel?
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