Favorite Japanese Comedy Movies!
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Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Hey guys! What are you favorite Japanese Comedy movies? Looking to watch some.
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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/12/11
i've only watch one and its memorable,
waterboys, its epic, japanese sure know how to make
simple comedy that doesn't need cussing and offending anyone

i would also like to know more,
will looking up here for recommendations
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Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/18/11
A Taxing Woman
The Funeral
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Posted 8/20/11 , edited 8/20/11
I'm feeling generous today, so I'll recommend a film that very few have seen outside of Japan. It's called "Symbol" and it's by comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi. The story revolves around a man who wakes up to being trapped inside a room, and he struggles to get out. Along with the main thread of narrative, several other scenarios are interconnected. It's very quirky and very fun. For those brave enough, you might also want to see "Big Man Japan."

Here is a trailer for "Symbol." Enjoy!

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Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
Handsome suit and Cyborg girl or something
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
'Sumo Do, Sumo Don't'. It's hilarious.......
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Posted 11/2/11 , edited 11/3/11
Honestly i don't think i've seen many.. But i love Detroit Metal City and Ping Pong
Posted 11/7/11 , edited 11/7/11
Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers
Instant Swamp
Kamikaze Girls
Fine, Totally Fine
Love Com
Posted 11/11/11 , edited 11/11/11
Heard that The Happiness of the Katakuris is pretty funny, not seen it though.
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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/16/11
My favorite Japanese comedy movies are:

Raise the Castle
The Code

I have watch these movies many times online.

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