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What is your favorite Hidden Village?
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14 / M / Kirigakure
Posted 7/1/11
I love the mist village because of their weather, jutsu, way of life, and mostly I always wanted to be on the water side.
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21 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 7/1/11
My favourite is Konoha. The will of fire is a tremendous power that all shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village possess if they are loyal. Those who truly understand what is most important: the protection of the next generation of shinobi will do great things and die with honour.

What's more, their culture is pleasant and friendly and while they'e had their share of atrocities in the Shinobi Wars, they have a strong sense of honour and duty. I would visit Ichiraku Ramen if I could so I could try a bowl for myself.

They also have several useful clans. The Inuzuka clan with their ninken and great sense of smell, the Nara clan has their own land for grazing deer and their skills in shadow manipulation and their ally clans, the Akimichi and the Yamanaka clans. Konoha also has the Hyuuga clan, possessors of the Byakugan, which is apparently the best visual dojutsu out there which is why it is so coveted.

I could go on, but I'll let others participate in this topic.
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31 / M / New York
Posted 7/1/11
Konoha due to it being the first of the 5 Great Ninja villages to be founded ie it's the oldest village
Posted 7/1/11
My favorite is Konoha

But I'd LOVE to know more about Uzushiogakure and the origins of the Uzumaki clan :3
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24 / F
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
Hoshigakure (Star) - fav charrie: Sumaru
Amegakure (Rain) - fav charrie: Yahiko
Kirigakure (Mist) - fav charrie: Ao
Konohagakure (Leaf) - fav charrie: Kiba
Kumogakure (Cloud) - fav charrie: Shii/Shee
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19 / M / Cincinnati, OH
Posted 8/14/13
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Posted 8/20/13
The cloud village is the best because it has awesome ninjas
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29 / F / Malta (Gozo)
Posted 9/3/13
My absolute favorite has to be Suna - has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that my favorite character in the series is Gaara; I just find its structure to be really cool. It looks so amazing when shown at night. Yeah, I have this thing about sand... Must be the Maltese blood in me.

I also really like the Land of Iron. Does that count, since it's the land of the Samurai?

Last but not least, the Mist Village for sure.
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Posted 9/30/13
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