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Bad Rumors
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Posted 7/9/11
hOLY Shiitake mushrooms! (great save right there)

i have rumours holy croatia. THEYRE SO ANNOYING and completely untrue.

1. Lesbian (sorry im not)

2. (grade 7) this stupid idiot spread this rumour that i was getting married in SYria in the summer. and we were going to raise lamas together for the rest of our lives. DUDe! i was only in grade 7. He based this rumour on the fact that i hugged my friend, who is from Syria, and told him jokingly that i loved him and im going to miss him when he goes to syria. Yeah the guy was an idiot. is there something wrong with hugging people and telling them taht stuff???? and the lama thing was just cause i liked lamaas...

3. Im part of a motorcycle gang. (dude i was 13.. i counldnt even get a license.) just cause my cousin drove me to school on his motorcycle doesnt mean i am part of a gang.

4. i get abused.

5. i have toe fungus

6. i have a drug dealer boyfriend

7. i have a sugar daddy

8. i dated 8 guys at the same time

i just realized that all these rumours were all made up in grade 7 and that it was all made up by the same idiotic and immature guy....

dang do i hate that guy...


hope u guys got a great laugh at how dumb some people are when they make up rumours
Posted 7/9/11
I heard Saerynella likes it big.
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20 / F / Wonderland
Posted 7/9/11

Your_Typical_Friend wrote:

Back in my 1st year of high school, rumor had it that i fucked my teacher until she gave me a passing grade

....they were half correct. The teacher was a guy

Wut do u mean half correct?? So u uh,eh,umm ........sorry,would u care to explain???
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Posted 7/9/11
My favorite one is how some people think because I like animes like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura that I'm somehow a homosexual.

Riiiiiiiiiight, I'm as homosexual as a germ or a blood cell.
Posted 7/9/11
I've had some, but I can't remember any right now...
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22 / M / I'm not lost! My...
Posted 7/10/11
Some of my classmates called me a drunkard teasingly because when I came to school one day I was pretty sleepy (due to... well, lack of sleep). It kind of stuck around after that. It wasn't quite bad since I know it was just teasing but after some time the rest of our classmates actually thought that it was true!
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M / Side 7
Posted 7/10/11
Someone tried to spread a rumor that I was anorexic and everyone told him he was an idiot because anyone that's seen me eat knows I destroy food. ;}
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23 / F / San Carlos city
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
once they thought i was dating this guy bec I was so close to him but all I'm doing was telling him about the girl of his dreams that was right next to my classroom

a rumor was spread about me that I was a weirdo.... and they're right!
anyway I don't listen to rumors, they're ridiculous
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28 / M / Phatuum Thani, Th...
Posted 7/10/11
When I was in Thailand, I went to a private school.
My dad was USMC for 22 years, so there was little doubt.
(Me being a US citizen didn't help either.)
People thought I was some kind of trained assassin or something.
Like a hitman...
So no one talked to me, and avoided me a lot....
The rumor ended after a year after people realized that i wasn't quite because I was crazy, but because I couldn't speak Thai...
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/10/11
when i transferred school, a friend told me people said it was bc im pregnant >_<
meanest rumor i did get
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25 / F / secret
Posted 7/10/11

FlyinDumpling wrote:

Ever had a terrible rumor about you that was spread? maybe even a funny one?

When I was in 8th grade a close friend made up a rumor about me being a lesbian. She told her class that I had a crush on this girl I didn't know. I don't know why she did it.

I found out when someone from her class told me "you like roxy right? ;)"
I just replied ".........who's that? "

It felt like I was re living Mean Girls........we don't talk anymore

when i was in elementary my teachers thought i was a boy... but when they looked at the records it was kinda messed up a little...

maybe because of my haircut but now i'm getting my hair longer
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Posted 7/13/11

KleinerSkollexxx wrote:

What's wrong with washing yourself with soap? Isn't that pretty orthodox?

i just didn't like it & it was in 7th grade so they didn't know words like orthodox they just found it weird but i mean taking showers with soap and not shampoo that's what they spread.
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26 / F / a dark alley way
Posted 7/13/11
When i was a freshman in high school me and my twin sister were in a oil fire i got the worst of it, i had 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns all up my right arm and she had a little spot on her leg, so i had to keep it bandaged, i heard there was a rumor that i was a cutter and i had the bandage to cover up all my cuts on my arm.
i greatly proved that rumor wrong by taking my bandage off and showing everyone my gross burned arm :| bitches.....
Posted 7/13/11

That's fucking horrible....I hate pple who assume shit.

OK let me take u back to high school Rumors...
Jealous pple who r jealous of me and by Best friend, started Rumors by telling everyone that I was shit talking about her behind her back...
The things they were saying was horrible....(dont wanna repeat) but...
Lil did those bitches kno, nothing can break us apart fuckers
But she did confront me, asked me and I sed, "neva in a million life time" <3

Another Rumor about me in high school...
Well, I play a lot of sports, so after school i would have either practice or a game all yr around...
I get tired and don't sleep much so my eyes get all Panda-ish...u kno black circles and ya...
People said, that I do all types of drugs and snorted and shit cuz I lost weight and had the circles...
Bitch it's called lack of sleep and I lost weight cuz of sports duh...
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26 / M / Texas
Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/13/11
Haha, that's highschool for ya. Peeps get bored... they start 'talkin'. :-D
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