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Top 49 Anime Characters You Just Want to Punch
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M / Homeless
Posted 7/4/11
1. QB (Madoka)

2. Tarao Fuguta (Sazae-san)

3. Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!)

4. Makoto Ito (School Days)

5. Kirino Kousaka (Ore no Imouto)

6. Katz Kobayashi (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)

7. Makoto Niwa (Denpa Onna)

8. Accelerator (Index)

9. Shinji Matou (Fate/stay Night)

10. Haruhi (Haruhi)

11. Excalibur (Soul Eater)

12. Yukiatsu (child) (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.)

13. Mikuru Asahina (Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya)

14. Hakase (Nichijou)

15. Ikari Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

16. Shinn Asuka (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)

17. Ryōko Ōkami (Okamisan)

18. Kiryū Moeka (Steins;Gate)

19. Saionji Sekai (School Days)

20. Nohara Shinnosuke (Crayon Shin Chan)


22. Ikari Gendou (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

22. Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)

24. Luffy D. Monkey (One Piece)

25. Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

25. Professor Kihara (Index)

27. Nezumi Otoko (Gegege no Kitarō)

28. Inoue Orihime (BLEACH)

29. Gates (Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid)

29. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière (Zero no Tsukaima)

31. Astarotte "Lotte" Ygvar (Astarotte no Omocha!)

31. Setsuna F. Seiei (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

33. Aria H. Kanzaki (Hidan no Aria)

34. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

35. Yoshida Ayumi (Detective Conan)

36. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

37. Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom (Heartcatch Precure!)

38. Shirai Kuroko (Index)

38. Nakagawa Mikaze (Occult Academy)

40. Rinko Kuzaki (Omamori Himari)

41. Yuina Wakura (Hanasaku Iroha)

42. Rose (Dragon Crisis!)

43. Azusa Hinomori (Pia Carrot 2 DX)

44. Damian Hart (Beyblade: Metal Fusion)

44. Erika Sendo (Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku)

44. Fuwa na yoshi (Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo)

44. Hawatari Yuiko (LOVELESS)

48. Millhiore F. Biscotti (DOG DAYS)

49. Kirche (Zero no Tsukaima)

49. Nanase Rumi (ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~)
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18 / M / boys locker room
Posted 7/4/11
Yui? I thought Ritsu was a bit more annoying, but now that you mention it Yui can use a punch, I guess.
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 7/5/11

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M / Crapsack World
Posted 7/5/11
Personally, I would like to give Shinn Asuka and Shinji Ikari the good ol' Bright slap to set them straight.

Anything else on the list... Well, whatever...
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32 / M / Lagrange, KY
Posted 7/5/11
taiga?? really?? i couldn't punch such a sweet girl.. but i might lead to good sex

I could stand to punch this bitch until she had no teeth left
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37 / M / FairyFlossLand/Ba...
Posted 7/5/11
Punching QB is as futile an effort as trying to get out of his contract. Oh wait...
It would be interesting if we got lists like these from Sankaku Complex or 4chan, their opinions might be a bit different.
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33 / F / norman, OK
Posted 7/5/11
Naruto?! really? i'd say Sakura or Sasuke more than Naruto. i mean really?

and lol at the Nichijou. i guess i'd punch Hakase a little too, but she's just a kid, BUT she IS still annoying XD
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29 / M / in your head
Posted 7/5/11
1. Naruto
2. Naruto
3. Naruto
4. Naruto
5. Naruto
6. ...

Don' get me wrong - he's one of my favs and that's why I want to punch him so badly...
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23 / F / anywhere but here :)
Posted 7/5/11
WOW, 49 characters, couldn't hate as many as that...

the anime characters i hate
kallen & nina-code geass
hino kahoko- la corda
sakura(sometimes sasuke =) )- naruto
hikari-special a
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33 / M
Posted 7/5/11
Shinji Ikari would top my list he's just the most annoying whiny brat ever. Renton from Eureka Seven is a close second.
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24 / M / The sky?
Posted 7/5/11
yeah, Makoto from school days...i wanted to put his head through a wall and curb stomp his face.
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28 / M / Raccoon City
Posted 7/5/11
(Not in Order)
1. Makoto(School Days)- stupid dude breaking girls hearts left and right
2. QB (Madoka)- face of evil
3. Black Star(Soul Eater)- just for heck of it
4. All wimpy main male characters in harem anime
5. Zombies(High School of the Dead)- because they(humans) turned into zombies
6. Hapsiel(Magician's Academy-Macademi Wasshoi)- on second thought runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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31 / M / 昼寝の王国
Posted 7/5/11
Everywhere I turn there's so much hate for Makoto. So the kid got hooked on sex for a semester during high school. Big deal. He was even starting to understand how out of control he had gotten, but then he got a knife in the chest. Sekai is really the one that needs a punch.

Anyways, Matou Shinji (Fate/stay Night) would be my number one. He tries to act like such a badass when he's even more of a pussy than the other Shinji we all know. Uh, and I wasn't talking about CR's Shinji. . .
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26 / M
Posted 7/5/11 , edited 7/5/11
Shinji Ikari, let's see you grit those teeth!
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27 / M / BC, Canada =P
Posted 7/5/11 , edited 7/5/11
I have a few anime characters I would like to give the good ol' knuckle sandwich to (in no particular order). Not sure I'll have 49 though, we'll just have to wait and see. Keep in mind it doesn't necessarily mean I hate their guts, it just things theses character did and/or say during the series irritated me which warrants a punch in their face.

Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) - I like tsundere girls as much as the next guy (can't say the same for loli), but for the love of God!!! Louise is the worst written tsundere character I have ever laid my eyes upon and it doesn't help when she has ear piercing voice. She's extremely ignorant, prone to shoot things first and ask questions later, immature, took 2 whole seasons and nearly half of season 3 to admit she was inconsiderate (or was it some other bad trait she admitted of having?), and most importantly not understanding that Saito is up for grabs until she proclaim her love to Saito. TL;DR, she's a bitch.

Suzaku (aka SPINZAKU, Code Geass) - People with half a brain will know why I would want to punch this guy.

Nina (Code Geass) - Once again no explanations needed.

The next one ain't a character, its more along of an object.

Script for Code Geass R2 - For the over abundance of convenient plot devices, overused "ace up my sleeves", twist upon twist, and the plot being a trainwreck.

Shin Asuka (MSG SEED Destiny) - Any reasonable Gundam fans will know why.

Kira Yamato (MSG SEED Destiny) - He's was pretty likable character in SEED, but his robotic personality in Destiny and annoying pacifist preaching really killed it for me.

Athrun Zala (MSG SEED Destiny) - Because in this sequel he went back into being a indecisive moron and allowing himself to break up with Cagalli.

Katz (MSG Zeta) - For being Katz.

Saji (MSG 00) - For being like Katz.

Tsuna (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) - This whiny little brat was one of the main reason why I dropped the series (dropped around episode 90). If I wanted to read/watch a story about a self-loathing, low self-esteem, pathetic/loser male lead character I read Im Dal Young's manwha.

Sazuke (Naruto) - Because he's a emo douchebag

Light Yagami (Death Note) - For being a psychopathic serial killer bent with power.

There's defiantly more, but these are the only characters I can remember at the moment.

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