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Impressions On Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise
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Posted 7/12/11

Greylurker wrote:

I see two possibilities for this show

1) it really is a bland and uninteresting as the first episode makes it appear

2) It will slowly warp into something twisted and funny like Milky Holms did.

I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for 2 more episodes because Milky Holms didn't impress me at first and it turned into something damn funny.

but that first episode didn't win it any points

#2 is what I'm hoping for. Milky Holmes was kind of ridiculous like this anime is but it ended up being pretty funny.
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29 / M / UK
Posted 10/1/11
This was one of the worst anime's this season, I usually love Magical Girl animes but this was awful in my opinion (I'll stick with Precure)
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M / Bite the pillow.
Posted 10/1/11
Sadly, this show was hideous. I stuck with it thinking it would redeem itself somewhere and develop, but ... no. All those moments spent watching this show will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
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