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Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/9/11
Sign up sheets for the 1st Special Militia

Dear reader,
Before you sign this you will readover to the section below about the Wakeing War, a little history, and our objective. Do not expect a cake walk from this mission. It will be dangerous and hard with mortallity rate from this mission being very high and success rate being very low. So take your time in reading this ove

The Wakeing War (spelled Wakeing not Waking) is a large war going on between 4 countryies... The Principality od Hayat, The Republic of Sabie, The Solis Federation, and The United States of Terra Aquilonis. Non of these factions are allied and seem to be on the brink of killing themselves off. However due to it's superior commanders and elite soldiers the Principality of Hayat is taking the least casualties and gaining more from the war.

Due to their success they are rapidly advancing invading and not seeming to stop for a peace treaty. As a result the three other countries have sign a treaty known as the Crux Coalition Pact which now puts them as allies with not only themselves, but the R.T.F.C and the Guardian Angel Corps as well. In retaliation Hayat has unleashed new super weapon technology and fused it with their elite squadron; the 9 Knights of Liberation. Dispite overwhelming numbers these 9 Knights of Liberation seem to take whatever we throw at them a faceplant it into the ground... The number dead from this group is 5,270,000 approximately and that is only deaths. The amount wounded is insurmountable and is growing. So we have volunteers from Tsuki Academy and Crux Military Academy will be assigned a special mission in taking these monsters down.

And one last thing... if you decide to join
Remember your training and keep a cool head... God Speed

Blitz Valentine (from Mission Control)

Sign-ups end on the 23th
Mission will begin on the 25th
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