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Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/8/11
All through out the entire series her hair is a golden yellow then halfway though the last episode it shows that her hair is a silver gray now. I've looked around on the Internet and Wikipedia but they don't give a reason for it. I've read that some people think she dyed to people won't recognize her. Though I've also hear it's because she was known mainly as The Golden Fairy by the students and was locked there so her hair was golden yellow. Then after the Monster Claremont(I don't remember how to spell it) fiasco she was freed of her role as the Golden Fairy and was now only a Gray Wolf so her hair turned silver gray. I'm thinking it is closer to the second one. Makes more sense with how this story is, but what do you think? What is your reasoning for her sudden hair color change?

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Posted 7/9/11
Someone in the comments was saying it was stress-related, possibly triggered by how close the one redhead got to killing her.

But since she'd heard her description among the (easily duped) crew, particularly about the golden hair, she might have used some sort of hair dying method that damaged her hair (probably not a lot of options on the ship), making it remain silver/white even after the war.

Nice observation about Golden Fairy/Gray Wolf, although I think she's escaped both titles in the end. Kujo compares her hair to snow, which is white, so maybe it's more like she's been able to cleanse herself of her past and the names she's been given, so she can be her own pure self.

If it's dyed, and it wasn't permanently-damaged, then I suppose it's possible she continues to dye her hair because she's in control of her life now that no one's left to manipulate her, so she can be who she wants to be.
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Posted 7/31/11
didn't she like her blonde hair? lol xD ....i wonder if she grew within those 5 years :p
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Posted 1/11/12
Marie Antoinette Syndrome is a sudden whitening of the hair. The event that named the syndrome was the observation that the hair of unhappy and ill-fated Queen Marie Antoinette of France turned stark white the night before her execution in the French Revolution.

The syndrome is thought to be a variant of alopecia areata diffusa or autoimmune non-scarring hair loss that affects selectively all pigmented hairs, leaving only the white hair behind.
Triggers activating the autoimmune mechanisms have been postulated, including sorrow and fear, but also fits of rage, unwelcome and unexpected news.
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Posted 1/27/12 , edited 1/27/12
Well I dont know if it is the case but, I figure out maybe she could have used the alcohol in the first-aid kid she used with Roscoe to light up her hair a little, since it was golden...Marie Antoniette Syndrome also fits but seems a little bit forced...

~Sorry for my bad english ~
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Posted 1/30/12
Doesn't seem all that forced to me, I mean look at everything she had to go through up to that point. Being forced to serve the Ministry of Occult to save Kujo's life, then being kept in confinement while doing so. Then she was rescued by her mother, who she didn't even get a chance to know, only for her Mother to die in the process. Then Brian tries to kill her, and there's nobody around to help her. Then Brian, the only person left who's wiling to help her, dies. And of course, through all of this she's separated from the one person she can't stand being separated from.
Posted 1/30/12 , edited 1/30/12
I thought it was something from when they were looking for her. I haven't watched this in a while, and this is coming straight from foggy memory, no resources, but...
Wasn't her long golden hair part of the description when she was being searched for, one of the traits that made her a suspect?
I think she wore a hat (a nun's cap, i think?) or something at first, but is it all that much of a stretch that she decided to dye it white so she wouldn't be recognized?
I never really thought about it... I just thought it was pretty :]
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