Worst First Dates
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Talk about the nightmares and horrors of your first attempts at dating here.
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Should set some ground rules, just in case. Since there be trolls a lurkin'.

As for my first date, it was horrible. By the time I got home I just wanted to go to bed. That was the day I had it drilled into me I was not a people person.

Basically, I should've tried to be friendlier. I came off as a creeper, with no friends, and close to no life. Ironically, my only working relationship (and by far the longest) was when I never went on a date. Though that'd be oppositional to the thread's topic, anyways-- I made this girl think I was off, more then abit weird, and more prone to stalking people than having friends. It wasn't her as much as it was me being awkward.
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I went to kiss my first date i wont tell the name but i missed and ended up kissing her under the eye instead because it was dark as a cave in the theater i was so embarrassed but luckily for me she opened her eyes and kissed me on the lips after my face was as red as a fire truck.
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I didn't really start dating until I was 38. My teens were spent studying my tail off to got into a top rate college. Because of my lack luster GPA my twenties were spent driving my life away as an owner-operator contract trucker where I managed to get home 4 times a year. When I got out of trucking the first time I went to college again part-time while working odd jobs full-time, reinvented myself, earned a decent GPA since I was focused this time, and landed a decent job as a computer drafter in an architectural firm.

My social skills really, really stank but through trial and error dating different tolerate people over time I improved. My worst first date was a 95 lb if dripping wet, 5'6", 29 yr old lady I met through a personal newspaper ad (this is the mid-80's, Internet not around yet) who had the misfortune to look like Stan Laurel (famous comedian in B&W movies and skits from 30's-early sixties whose sidekick was Oliver Hardy; in essence, 2 chuckle heads comedy team: 1 fat, 1 skinny. These guys' antics were my favorite to watch on TV). Her name was Elizabeth, her occupation was line worker in a chicken processing plant and she was divorced with 2 kids. We talked over the phone a few times and it appeared quite possibly there just might be a kernel of a chance we had enough in common to meet person to person.

The town I resided in then was not that big of a 'burg. Nor were the nearby college towns. There isn't that much to do for entertainment if you have no family in the vicinity. Religion, camping, and fishing offer just so much but definitely not coffee meeting 1st date fare. Because of our shift differences and her domestic responsibilities there was no convenient place to meet for a coffee. So I opted for decision mistake number 1 on first date: dinner and a movie.

I had dated and met, albeit briefly in some cases, enough interesting members of the opposite sex where if the magic phrase "chemistry" didn't click in the first 60 seconds there were other useful stratagems whereby compatibility determination was possible and a connection could safely be re-established to the satisfaction of both participants that would lead to a 2nd date. When I first met Elizabeth in person at 1 of the better known crowded restaurant chains in town I noticed she brought along a book. I mentioned its presence as a source of conversation and was re-assured she had brought it as a means to entertain herself in the event I got boring. Hm-mm, so much for rational, sparkling conversation and/or first impression.

Long story short, we had nothing in common and I wished I had not committed to the script of dinner and the movie. The remainder of the night was excruciating for both of us. I don't think we exchanged 1 paragraph of verbiage from first facial meeting. I didn't want to appear crass and shallow yet I didn't want to go the distance and finish out the date either. After the movie ended I escorted her to her car, exchanged pleasantries, but just before I left the scene for good she opened up to me and was very real about what was bothering her self-esteem and her life. Apparently I looked and acted a lot like her ex and this caused her to shut me out at the beginning of the meeting. I know I said something to the effect of "I'll call you" but both of us knew that wasn't going to happen. And it didn't.
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