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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
Stuck In Shadows . . .
People get lost. It happens. But, what happens when you get really lost? What happens to the thousands of people who go missing every year and are never accounted for? Those people that are never heard from again?
They are the ones who are truly lost to the darkness and the shadows.
Those people who truly become lost (in their lives, spirituality, direction) often find themselves in The City. A crumbling labyrinthine metropolis snuggled up against a dark and tumultuous sea. The City is infested with inhuman creatures vying for power over the lost souls that become lost there. There are virtuous angels, cruel demons, undead vampires, and vicious werewolves around every turn. All of them might have been humans at one point, but the longer they remain in The City the more they forget the weak creatures they once were.
Will you forget yourself, as well? Or, have you already forgotten?
The City's Gallery:

How To Begin:
You can enter this roleplay either, as a human who has gotten lost and ended up in The City by accident. Or, as a creature that once got lost as a human in The City, but was somehow changed into an inhuman creature.
Before you post in the roleplay, you must fill out a profile and post it in the corresponding topic. If you want to be a human, go to the human thread, copy the profile skeleton, fill it out and paste it in the thread, then begin posting. If you want to be an Angel, go to that thread and do the same. Et cetra, et cetra.

Roleplaying Rules:
This section will be updated as need sees fit. For right now, however, I'll keep it short and sweet.
- Be kind and include each other.
- Don't kill any characters without permission.
- Keep everything PG-13.
- Don't argue with me
(or, I'll saw your legs off).

Frequenty Asked Questions:

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27 / F / Amish Country
Posted 7/11/11
The Hitlist:
If you or your character has been inactive, I will probably be sending you a message. If you fail to respond to that message within a few days, I will end up putting your character on the hitlist. What does this mean? It means that I've freed your character up to be killed by any of the other characters. But, oh! You were away and weren't able to answer me! Could I please not kill your character? If your character has already been offed, I'm afraid it's too late. But, if they're still struggling for breath, than some good groveling might get them off the list. Of course, being active will avoid all of these problems, but whatever ...

Please Off ...
Nobody. Everyone's cool.
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