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Top 10 anime opening/end
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F / stuy
Posted 7/14/11
1. Complication OP - Durarara! (I try to skip it everytime, but after hearing the first few seconds, I end up watching the whole OP)
2. Sobakasu- Rurouni Kenshin OP (a classic)
3. Mr.Raindrop- Gintama ED (so cute)
4. Again- FMA brotherhood OP
5. Samurai Heart- Gintama ED
6. Kagayaita- Gintama ED
7. Sakura Kiss- OHSHC OP (sorta annoying, but u have to admit, it's really catchy)
8. Alones- Bleach OP
9. Daia no Hana- Black Cat OP
10. Heart of Sword- Rurouni Kenshin ED
11. Get Over- Hikaru No Go OP
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32 / M / Riding sound waves
Posted 7/14/11
1. ef- a fairy tale of the two OP 1 and 2 - these two openings are the most used clips in AMV's - and for good reason -
2. Lucky Star OP
3. My Ordinary Life OP 1 and 2/ED 1 and 2
4. Ga-Rei-Zero OP
5. panty & stocking OP/ED
6. When They Cry OP
7. Haruhi OP
8. Elfen Lied OP
9. Azumanga Daioh OP
10. Cowboy Bebop OP
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34 / M / Latham Ny USA
Posted 7/14/11
no particular order although Inner Light tends to stick in my head more than any other

Hajime No Ippo op 2 Inner Light
Ruroni Kenshin op 1 Freckles
Touch op 1 Touch
SDF Macross op 1 Macross
Fate/Stay Night op 1 Disillusion
Fushigi Yugi op 1
GTO op 1 Drivers High
One Piece op2 Believe
Saint Seiya op 1
ZZ Gundam op1 Anime Ja Nai
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34 / M
Posted 7/14/11
Openings I would say Bleach #07: "After Dark" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Tales of the Abyss: Karma by Bump of Chicken
Black Lagoon: Red Faction by MELL

For endings Bleach #24 Echoes by Universe
K-on!! had two great endings.
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37 / M / WiFi hotspot
Posted 7/15/11
I couldn't possibly make a list, but I'll list a few favorites (in no specific order).

Bamboo Blade ED - Star Rise
Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei OP - Fantasy Rumba
Highschool of the Dead OP - HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD
Bokurano OP - Uninstall
Ghost Hunt ED - Your Shadow
Kodomo no Jikan ED - Hanamaru Sensation
MM! OP - HELP!! Hell Side
Lucky Star OP - Motekke! Sailor Fuku!
Fairy Tail OP 1 - Snow Fairy
Elfen Lied OP - Lilium
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22 / F
Posted 7/15/11
1.madoka magica (OP)
2.AnoHana (OP N ED)
3.gosick (OP)
4.nichijou (OP N ED)
5.sket dance (OP)
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23 / F / USA
Posted 9/13/11
Not really in order, but my top 10 are

Alonez- Bleach
Come- Inuyasha
Raion- Blood+
Sakura- Eureka 7
Tips Taps Tips- Eureka 7
Broken Wings- Trinity Blood
Rain- FMA:Brotherhood
Yura Yura- Naruto
Journey to Center of Sun- Eureka 7
U Can Do It- Naruto

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20 / M / Oregon
Posted 9/13/11
I would have to say the code geass openings and the Angel Beats opening and ending songs
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25 / M / Dallas
Posted 9/13/11
1. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis
2. Samurai X - Heart of Sword - Yoake Mae (closing)
3. Darker Than Black Kakusei Heroism - An Cafe
4. Die Buster - Groovin' Magic - Round Table
5. Gundam 00 R2 - Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi - UVERworld
6. Cowboy Bebop - Tank! - The Seatbelts
7. Soul Eater - I Wanna Be - Stance Punks (closing)
8. Gundam Wing - Rhythm Emotion - Two Mix
9. Birdy R2 - Kiseki - Nirgilis
10. Durarara - Uragiri no Yuuyake - Theatre Brook

I like how this is called top 10, and the creater of the topic came up with 4...
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33 / F
Posted 9/13/11 , edited 9/13/11
my top 10 as of right now( my tastes change alot lol)

1.howling - abingdon boys school from darker than black
2.hero's come back - nobodyknows+ from naruto shippuden
3.kane wo narashite (ring a bell) - bonnie pink from tales of vesperia :first strike
4.boku ni dekiru koto - HOW MERRY MARRY from natsume yuujinchou san me- yuuya matsushita from durarara!
6.shut up and explode- boom boom satellites
7.changes - base ball bear from toshokan sensou(library wars)
8.rise- origa from ghost in the shell stand alone complex
9.sweet drops -puffy from usagi drop
10. tsuyoku tsuyoku - mimiharu GT from glass fleet
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28 / M / Philadelphia, Pen...
Posted 9/13/11
Ill change it up a bit and say..Clannad After Story...haha

Others = Deadman Wonderland, Bleach OP 1, Air Gear, Im sure I got more Ive just watched too many animes and have now forgotten
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Posted 9/13/11
For some reason I can only remember openings

Inuyasha, OP 1, Kaoru Wada - Like A Storm
FMA: Brotherhood, OP 4, Chemistry - Period
Ano Hana, OP, Galileo Galilei - Aoi Shiori
Cowboy Bebop - OP, Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts - Tank
Baccano! - OP, Paradise Lunch - Gun's & Roses

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26 / F / Croatia
Posted 9/21/11
1. Detective Conan opening 22 - Ai wa kurayami no naka de by ZARD
( )

2. Detective Conan opening 32 - Misty Mystery by GARNET CROW
( )

3. Detective Conan ending 40 - Your best friend by KURAKI MAI
( )

4. One Piece opening 11 - Share the world by DBSK
( )

5. Bleach opening 3 - Ichirin no Hanna by MIGHTY COLOR
( or the MV )

6. Bleach opening 8 - Chu Bura by KELUN
( or the MV )

7. E'S Otherwise opening Jouhou by Liquid Magick

8. Black Cat openingDaia no Hanna by Yoriko

9. Bleach opening 14 - Blue by VIVID
( )

10. 07 Ghost opening 1 - Aka no kakera by Yuki Suzuki - I think =.=
( )

* phew .....eventho the list could go on and on ........
Posted 9/25/11
Bleach opening #1! Orange range are so good
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26 / M / Secret Base
Posted 9/25/11
Best Ending: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari).

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