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The Mystic Archives of Dantalian
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26 / F / a place that the...
Posted 8/25/11
its the same as gosick......
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Posted 9/9/11 , edited 9/10/11
The unexpected and awesome change in animation was awesome.
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Posted 9/10/11
Episode 9 felt really pointless and kind of didn't make sense. I understood that they were inside the story of a book pretty much from the get go but it didn't really explain the reasoning for them being there. This anime has been a disappointment in my opinion. It had potential but there's been no real developments in the plot or the main characters and the most interesting story so far was about 2 completely different main characters that haven't shown up since the episode they appeared in.
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from the South Bay
Posted 9/12/11
Me too but the inside the book story is Episode 10.

I have mixed feeling about this anime .So far all the episodes are pretty much a story on its own. We dont know much about our two protagonist Huey and Dalia and then they introduced 2 new characters who are similar to them in Episode 9 ?

This anime has only 13 episodes per ANN and The direction of this anime doesnt make sense to me.
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