Majeh (King of Hell) Manhwa
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Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/18/11

I was wondering if anybody has heard of this series. Here's more information about it:

The story starts off slow and not as interesting until later on where the bulk of the character and story development picks up. The work that the artist puts into the series is Superb which most of the scenes are drawn in high detail. This series is from Korea and so far has 38 volumes released from there. Tokyopop published the series up to 22 volumes but stopped publishing it due to them shutting down.
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Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/19/11
yeah is a good manhwa i hope gets update
Posted 7/19/11 , edited 7/19/11
I remember it vaguely (years back when I picked up the first volume), but I didn't continue buying because of money issues.
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