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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 7/24/11
You know mine Its there when you first go to the main page
Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/2/11
1.Ikuto in Shugo chara
2.Usui in Maid-sama
3.Zero in Vampire Knight
4.Itachi in Naruto Shippuden
5.i have a lot i can chose but my first one is IKUTO!XD
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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/11/11
1. Ciel Phantomhive
2. Sebastian michealis
3. Zero kiryu
4. Len Kagamine
5. idk xD
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11
aww len is so cute
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/14/11
1.Tatsumi Oga
2.Rin Okumura
3.Kei Takishima
4.Hayato Gokudera
5.Haru Glory
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Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11
1. Ikuto-Shugo Chara!
2.Nagihiko-Shugo Chara!
3.Death the Kid- Soul Eater
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