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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/26/11
alright...none of the moderators will listen to the reports i send them so apparently i have to post it here so something will actually (hopefully) will get done or at least someone will talk to me about it so i know whats wrong...

first off....crunchyland is telling me when i get on it that my username or my password is its not letting me play it...why? apparently my username and passwords are using the same ones to log onto this site in the first place...

secondly...and more importantly...i have had a constant problem with the inbox on this tells me that i have a message in my inbox..yet its not showing up anything when i go into my inbox...why?...some times it takes a couple of days to actually appear in my inbox or it takes a couple hours...and rarely does it just show up with no problems...

PLEASE CRUNCHYROLL MODERATORS...FIX THE PROBLEMS...or at least tell me whats wrong so i can fix them if im able to.

and if possible just contact me to my messed up inbox...ill get back to you when it shows up
Posted 7/26/11
Wait does your inbox read -1 and there's no message?
Posted 7/26/11
You usually get a faster response in the Help/Support/Feedback Section. The inbox bug is really common here and I usually get rid of mine by sending a message to myself and the other message shows up.

Sorry I can't help with the crunchyland issue. I think the guy with the cat in his profile pic looks over that stuff, not sure.
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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/26/11
Who exactly have you been writing to?

I fixed your inbox count manually. This happens all the time when you receive or delete too many messages. You have to PM me or an admin to fix it for you.

As for crunchyland, I'll let someone know. Anyway, no personal threads allowed. Use the Help/Support/Feedback forum next time.

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