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Please make a character before you roleplay, and follow the format please!!!

Name: Chikyū Yorokobi A.K.A Lady Yorokobi
Race: Demon
Race Type: Dog
Position: Female Leader
Abilities: Controls the element Earth and its materials (like sand, metal, stone, rocks, plants etc) Super speed and strength, read minds, sees someone future by biting ones flesh, the ability to bring someone to life, and communicate with dogs
Appearance: Sky blue hair, ears, and tail with liquid gold eyes and black diamond on forehand and pale skin. Wearing the same dress thats in the picture but crimson red color with gold and black and a white lily hairpin on left side next to her ear
Brief Bio: With No memories of herself besides her name and her pet, found laying unconscious in the snow by Vorian the male leader of the Werewolf Clan. She was then carry back to his den and they both been living together happily. Then after a few years they had 8 beautiful cubs and she became Vorian's Queen.
Theme music:

Human Looking Form:
True Form: but with more meat and fur is blue and eyes are golden
My Pet: Spirit Claw
Pet Abilities: Spirit Claw was the ability to posses other creatures or race, healing saliva, ability to talk any language that is spoken, erase memories and teleport herself and other people to anywhere
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Name: Vorian
Race type: The Maiar were an ancient and superior werewolf race, power courses through the veins of its few survivors.
Position: Male Leader.
Abilities: Utilizes pure energy, usually in an aura of black and red. By tapping into it, flight, ungodly strength and speed become possible, as well as devastating energy attacks.
Appearance: 7'2", 198 lb, (sry dont know metric) pitch black fur, golden chest fur and eyes, gold earings, gold wolf head shape bracers with ruby eyes, gold and garnet necklace, gold and ruby crown, black jeans with a red belt. Jet black hair, Axel style, spiky and extending down the back to the tail2 sephiroth bangs, 2 flowing bangs that roll over the shoulders onto the chest,
Brief Bio: Was orphaned, watching helplessly as his family was torn apart. After being captured and tortured for 19 years, he escaped his captors with a terrible rage burning within. after calming downand settling down in a den by himself, he finds Chikyu Yorokobi lying unconscious in the snow. He took her back to the den, and the two have both been living together happily ever since, including having a litter of adorable cubs. During a horrible winter, a wolf pack of anthro and feral wolves trudged by, freezing, fatigued and starving. They took in the pack and expandedthe den, turning it into a fortress. With territory, a mate, and children, He had become a King, and is now searching for more ways to better his Kingdom.
And secretly, he seeks a way to lock away his terrible power, and lead a normal life in peace and quiet with his family and his pack.

Intro/Powerup theme music:
Evil Intro:
Training battle theme:
Final battle theme:

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Name: Remiel Rathanael Marmaroth or Remy to her close-ones.

Race: Angel

Position: Female leader/Josei Ridas

Abilities: Amazing sight, like an eagle. She is an empath, and has to a certain extent the power to change emotions, in her favor or the favor of her cause. Ability to fly with her nine foot wing span on each side. Her singing can also calm or anger, mostly with her moods. Her 'talons' are very real, and she uses them to exact punishment. Can also read minds, but never does this to insult someones privacy, only to hear what they're saying to her. Also a healing factor that is a norm for her race, but she needs to have nutrients for it to work. But to say, her mind is her true power.

Appearance: Long white or blonde hair, and neon green eyes. She has sharp little teeth though she says these are only part of her nature. Her 'talons' are from her bird attributes, and she has two nine feet wings on her back that are easily folded on her back, pure white with the occasional gray or black feather. She is deaf, or almost deaf.

Brief Bio: Her brief interlude with humans took no happy end, as they quickly took to cutting her, after realizing that her blood crystalizes when it touches the ground. These crystals give new meaning to the word 'blood diamond' and can be sold for high prices, but she tends to wear them for her own amusement. Her skin has no scar from this time period. Besides this her heritage is relatively unknown, except that she is just and fair, and her punishments are feared for being just that. An eye for an eye after all. Her unusual temper, has gotten her into many other messes and she can get quite chaotic for her kind. But be warned, she is also incredibly smart, for being so child-like.

Theme music: Globus, Orchard Of Mines.
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Oh. and I'll add pictures later ^^
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Name: Kriigare

Race: Werewolf

Position: Female leader.

Abilities: Keen sense of smell.

Appearance: Thick black fur, milky white eyes. Picture posted in group photos.

Brief Bio: Born blind. Sister of Vorian. Has had a rather uneventful life, but that doesn't stop her from being rather, for lack of a better word, bitchy and losing her temper. She is known to be very stubborn as well..

Theme music: Beethoven - "Moonlight Sonata"
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