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Is it possible to watch every single Anime?
Posted 6/4/12
And idk why one would want to do so.
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30 / F / irst
Posted 6/4/12
Possible? Maybe if you gave up sleeping.
But I wouldn't want to waste my little bit of life watching trash series that should have never been made in the first place.
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27 / M
Posted 6/4/12
Literally? Probably not. But otherwise it's one of my goals.
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Posted 6/4/12
kind of impossible because some old animes cant be found anywhere or its just really hard to find!!! plus there is soo many that we dont even have a clue if we have actually seen all the anime
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24 / F / UT, USA
Posted 6/4/12
Posted 6/6/12
It is if you like, have NOTHING ELSE to do other than watching animes.

like really NOTHING. just sit in your computer/tv/etc and watch animes til you pass out.
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18 / F / United States
Posted 6/7/12
I doubt it. Every year , new aniems are being released
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26 / M / DFW
Posted 6/7/12
Oh man. You DO NOT want to watch them all. Shining Hearts being a major example for me.
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70 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 6/7/12
No chance. Go over to ANN and check out their encyclopedia listings of what's known to exist.
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21 / M / Texas
Posted 6/8/12
it is possible but you must watch one full anime after another and start with the short ones first then to the long ones and not get bored of them and also have some time to sleep but if you were a human with android replacements so you would not get sleepy you could watch every anime there is untill no one makes anymore animes then you read all the manga
Posted 6/8/12
It's impossible; there will always be a new anime after you're long dead. If you mean currently, then maybe you can but you will need a lot of free time to accomplish that.
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26 / M / washington
Posted 6/8/12
Well what would you count as watching I mean you could just put a bunch of anime on a bunch of T.V. sets and sit in front of them,But to actually take in the information the anime is giving and being able to talk about it after watching it, No haha its statistically not possible.But hey they say that about a lot of stuff .You could be famous for watching every anime out there.
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27 / M / Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted 6/8/12
Not only is it most likely impossible to watch every anime ever created due to the sheer enormity of such a thing with so many of them out there, but it would also be very undesirable. Some older animes are just as great as the new ones, true. Some older animes are also horrendous, and some of the new ones even more horrendous still.

Although it all depends on your own personal tastes, chances are you'll eventually run into a show you absolutely can't stand and would be forcing yourself to sit through.

I look at it the same way as I look at videogames. There are A LOT of videogames out there. The vast majority of them are just plain awful. Could I aspire to fully complete every videogame? Yes. Would I like them all? Oh hell no. I can't stand racing games, for instance. That would just be torture ...

Instead, I decide "I really like the Final Fantasy Series. I want to beat each Final Fantasy game some day."

That's doable, and I'd enjoy every second of that. Every game out there? Nope.

Less than a fraction of a ways through all of those terrible games that exist out there I'd just want to shoot myself.


I have a feeling anime is much the same.
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24 / M / Somewhere Only We...
Posted 6/14/12

Frostbitezero wrote:

i think its possible


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36 / M / Construction land!
Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
Every episode of every anime? Realistically, no. There's easily 12 hours of anime airing daily across all channels and times. Some are re-runs, but I'll offset that with the OVA anime that never air on TV. Add 4 hours per day for sleep, and that leaves you with 8 free hours left in a day. (I'm ignoring other factors, like bathroom, food, and how you're supporting this lifestyle, not to mention finding it all, but...) This 12 hour pattern has been going for... about 30 years now. Since you only get 8 hours to play with in a day, it takes 1.5 days to get through 1 legacy day, thus spending 45 years to get caught up going back to 1982. And of course, there are still multitudes of anime predating 1982. I'd guess it would still take you 25-30 more years to get those watched, bringing you to 75 years of doing nothing but watching anime! So what are you doing here? Go watch! You've got a LONG way to go... Oh, wait, did I forget movies?

Now, if you meant just watching 1 episode from every series, I'd call that doable. You'll still have the issue of finding the older stuff, and it will still take a few years of the unsustainable lifestyle (or several more years as a sane person), but to be able to say you've seen part of every anime...
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