a japanese house?
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Posted 8/4/11
when the setting is in japan you see a lot of them in anime they are usually owned by family's

one example i could think of is:
Higurashi When They Cry anime
Mion Sonozaki She is next in line to be the head of the Sonozaki household, one of the Three Families which holds tremendous influence in Hinamizawa

they are almost always as family owned and usually kept in short of a mix of ancient and modern style, another one is fruits-basket, and in the fatal frame games? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Z_WzLTyJA&feature=related

have not seen too much out of games and anime, so figure i might as well go visit/stay at one if there are any in real life btw i dont mind if it full of ghost, well the non-killing ones when i visit japan so any suggestions thanks.
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Posted 12/14/11
In japan we call houses, houses. So if they are marketed like street houses (houses along streets) or appartments and condos then they are houses. If they are privately owned or family buisness owned they are estates. They are also considered estates if the family living in there own great amounts of land around the building.
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Posted 12/15/11
those houses you see in anime, are very similar to how many homes actually are. The house I lived in was built in the 40's. but was retrofitted with modern items like a water heater, indoor toilet. I really loved that house. The thing i didn't like, unlike most american homes, many of the older japanese homes do not have central heating, You get heat from a kerosene heater so it's very cold in the mornings, and most of the family stay in the living room in the winder, since that's probably the only room with heat.

of course, I haven't been back to Japan in 15 years, so It may have changed, but i don't think so..
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11

traditional japanese homes are still found. but are sooooooo expensive to built. you have to every wealthy to own or build one. modern homes, using the old traditional design with modern materials are found all over japan. but most of them still do not have central heating.
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