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Post Reply Usagi Drop Ending?
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Posted 7/8/13
I only became interested in the manga at all because I found out about the ending.

Knowing that going in, there were hints everywhere that they weren't related and honestly it was done in a great way, not like you would expect from most manga.

Things like this happen all the time, ignoring that is just silly
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Posted 7/8/13 , edited 7/9/13

magicuser360 wrote:

And well, at least Rin was of legal age before anything happened, unlike many times in the past where the caretaker was basically raising/grooming the little girl to grow up one day to be his wife. Wife-husbandry.

This is actually why the ending didn't bother me so much. Wife husbandry is pretty abhorrent in my opinion as it betrays the trust that a minor should have in their guardian. However since Daikichi never raised her with that in mind, Rin was the pursuer, and Daikichi specifically made her wait until she was old enough and enough time had passed that he felt she could make a decision responsibly, it made it so that Daikichi never came across as a douchebag.

I mean its an unlikely fantasy situation that would probably never come up in real life, as real life would probably be a lot uglier if that type of situation were to occur, but if this specific situation did come up in real life and I was present for the entire thing and knew all the circumstances I would probably think it was abnormal to be sure, but wouldn't think it was inherently bad, as the most abhorrent part of this type of situation in real life is that it would almost always come from an abuse of parent child trust.

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Posted 8/12/13
so i just finished the anime a week ago....just finished the manga 3 days here's my opinion of it (not that it really matters but oh well )....So when I finished the anime I was satisfied. This is one of the few anime/manga series that can be a bit more relatable to an "older audience" as well as provide great insight and understanding to the "younger" audience of the responsibilities (as well as rewards (like the precious moments with you children)) "Parenthood" brings. It ended beautifully and memorably, definitely an anime I wont forget. Then I proceeded to read the manga after hearing that the anime was based off of first I was glad to see how the characters have grown after the time skip, how the relationships/bonds each character has with one another is still the same (or even stronger) and it brings me sort of a nostalgia of how the characters acted before to where they are now..I was a bit hesitant at first with the whole "Rin and Kouki" relationship, as I felt that Kouki still needed a bit more maturing towards his character..but after a couple chapters I was beginning to accept it, seeing that although Kouki was still the immature delinquent he was in the past, His care and affection for Rin was always present and strong..With Rin not liking him anymore because of the things that happened with them in middle school I thought were going to change so I wasnt expecting any major plot twists. For some odd reasons though, in the back of my mind, I felt as if Rin wasnt going to end up with Kouki. Nonetheless I ignored that thought and kept reading. Then Kouki's character started to lessen throughout the story and really wasnt appearing anymore, which kind of concerned me at first, but I disregarded it after they introduced another character (forgot his name and im too lazy to look it up ) who took interest in Rin...With Daikichi's story I felt he wasnt really in the "spotlight" toward the first few chapters of the timeskip so that Rin and Kouki's relationship would be the main focus of the storyline...The Daikichi started appearing more and more, which at first I started to enjoy because I always loved Daikichi's reflection on how he's raised Rin and how it has grown his character as well..but after a while it went from an enjoyment, to more of a "curiosity" as why Daikichi was being brought up more often and Kouki was being pushed back more. Though, I kept reading. Next was Yukari's remarriage...Yukari marrying someone else didnt really surprise though, the only thing that kept me a bit annoyed throughout the series is that you never really meet Yukari's husband..This really aggravated me personally because, although I did understand and sort of agree on why Yukari didnt marry Daikichi, Her remarrying someone she's known throughtout the timeskip, which we get no info or real backstory on him watsoever, felt like a "desparate" move from the mangaka. What i mean by "desparate" is that I personally felt that the mangaka couldnt find a way to get around the "ending" she (yes the mangaka is a female) wanted (which was the ending we recieved) without leaving Yukari with no one. So I believe that the mangaka just quickly wrote in the whole "remarry some random dude but leave almost no backstory on their personal character development" Just to make the ending possible..Now ill go back to Rin and the other character that was going to possibly build a relationship together but failed miserably (again cant remember his name but hes the guy that she went to the movies with ) this didnt really last long at all (maybe a chapter or 2 i believe) But it kind of serves as the beginning to Rin's attraction towards Daikichi..In the beginning I of the timeskip this possibiltiy came to mind (since it is a japanese manga after all, I dont mean to affend the japanese though :sweatingbullets:) but I completely dismissed it since I dint really think the author would completely changed the themes and morals the story had established in the beginning..But once I started noticing Rin thinking more and more of her relationship with Daikichi, Her desire to become a caretaker to help Daikichi once he got older, Rin's thought on what she would be like as a mother and Rin meeting with her mother kind of brought that possibily closer to consideration...Then Kouki notices and addresses the situation, which Rin unfortunately accepts as fact...Rin likes Daikichi...Then we get Kouki telling Daikichi to be with Rin, which kind of pissed me off at first..I mean seeing Daikichi always being a bit immature I really thought he wasnt going to support the idea of Daikichi being with Rin...But then I came to the conclusion that the reason why he supports the relationship IS entirely because of his immaturity and, lets face the elephant in the room people, his stupidity. If this were a realistic situation, it wouldnt have gone down like that...oh well, after all that, I decided I had to finish this all the way through..well Daikichi finds out Rin likes him, he gets mad then confused, Rin finds out (as well as Daikichi) that she is not blood related with Daikichi whatsoever, which in turn causes her to accept her love for Daikichi and determination to win him over, Daikichi is still hesitant towards her desicion and tells her to wait 2 years and then he might possibly consider, Then 2 years pass, she graduates without getting a SINGLE boyfriend or anyone else at all to develop a relationship with, tells Daikichi that she wants to bear a child with him since she knows that they will raise the child well, and they live "happily ever after"...Now after reading it all and finishing, the only facial expression I could make was for a while... ....Ok heres the thing..I loved the first part of the story as I mentioned in the beginning..But the second part I still cant come up with a real honest opinion of what I think of it..My main reason being that I personally felt as if all the themes/morals the author gave in the first part of the series were completely thrown out of the window in the second part....In NO WAY is this ending relatable to "Older" and/or "Younger" audiences...the possibility of a situation that happens in Usagi drop is VERRY UNLIKELY, though i cannot say impossible since there have been odd cases of relationships before and still occur to this day...another gripe I have with the ending is that although They are not Blood related and even if they do have a MAJOR age difference (celebrities/famous people have huge age difference relationships all of the time) I personally think their relationship will always remain a bit "awkward". I think the main reason is because of "father and daughter" relationship they have always had..Daikichi always (and even till the end) looks at Rin as a "daughter", and even though Rin never realy addresses it, Looks upon Daikichi as sort of a "Father"...This bond that they have together would make it really difficult to just rearrange into a "husband and wife" relationship...You cant just say "I love him like a dad and a husband" because honestly, that's just weird..Another thing about the ending that kind of aggravates me is that I really felt that in the beginning of the time skip the author had plans to have Kouki and Rin together, and then just decided to throw that out the window as well. I was really liking their relationship, seeing all the back story and development the two were having together, then it just all disappeared in an instant really disapointed me...I was really hoping that the second half of the series would be Rin finding someone she would fall in love with, her asking Daikichi on support with her love life and him comically (but seriously at the same time) supporting her, Daikichi either marrying Yukari or ending up by himself (I honestly didn't think that Daikichi would end up with Yukari for some reason, even thought the first have of the series kind of establishes them as a family) Daikichi seeing Rin graduate, attend university, and marry with him being the "father" to walk her down the isle, and finally Seeing Daikichi die peacefully while reflecting his life spent with Rin (also Rin becoming a wonderful mother to her children and personally thanking Daikichi for it)...To me the ending i thought would've kept the same themes/morals the author portrayed towards the begging while adding a more mature and respectful "closure" the series...But im not the author so who cares right? just a personal opinion ....

Overall I have to say my opinion on this ending is NUETRAL. I didnt "love it" nor did I "Hate It". Although the ending has a TON of reasons why it completely dosent feel "right, In the end, Rin chose what she wanted and thats how it went. Remember, Daikichi always felt (and still does) feel a bit odd about the whole thing, But as long as Rin is happy, he is willing to cast aside his concern to keep her happy (though this does NOT mean that he will not love the child she bears or her at all). Also, It was the ending that the author decided so I really cant do anything about it too sum EVERYTHING I SAID UP TILL NOW: If youve seen the anime and loved it, dont continue the manga, trust me you wont feel satisfied whatsoever, if you did finish the manga though, well Just be glad they arent related by Blood!
Posted 8/12/13
I actually really liked the entirety of the manga.

I liked the ending a lot - they're not related, Rin never saw Daikichi as her father ever (he was always "just Daikichi") and Daikichi's feelings evolved and he realized that he loved Rin as a woman, not as his daughter.

They work really well with each other and nothing was forced - everyone made their own decision and were given time to come to said decision.
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25 / M / copenhagen
Posted 1/3/14
carlosyobani, your ending would have been way way better! I'm currently in the phase you described, wish I had not read the manga.
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Posted 27 days ago
I finally got around reading the manga and finished it. I felt the second half was so forced.

What bugs me is Daikichi's decision of leaving an open door for Rin's romantic feelings. He claims he raised her like if she was his daughter, sacrificed his years for her. And suddenly, he throws his parenting role out the window and wants to be with her? That character development doesn't make sense on its face.

Even though people say Daikichi felt the same feelings for Rin, I really didn't see that. He has been worrying about her since she was little. Of course, he cares and loves her, but that's because he is her guardian. It's his job to feel that way. To jump from a parenting love to a romantic love is quite a leap.

Parents have to stay as parents even when their kids don't want them or in this case, want to be with them romantically. That door should've been closed. Regardless if they are related or not, he is still her guardian.

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Posted 26 days ago
yeah the ending is the reason i've never picked up the manga
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28 / M / Alderaan
Posted 26 days ago
I think of it like this, so what is the end result?

They aren't biologically related so it's not like they will have retarded babies.
They both have a close stable relationship. So it won't be a dysfunctional family.
He can legally marry her. He never adopted her, so technically she is stranger.

Honestly, if you simply took away the fact that he raised her which is a subjective prejudice, this is a pretty good relationship. There have been more dysfunctional relationships between people who would have been socially accepted.
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