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Posted 8/6/11

In this tutorial I will show a few ways to achieve the "windy" effect. I will show you how to apply it to text and images.

Windy Effect + Glowy Effect

1. Get an image. I only use photos in this part, but that doesn't mean an anime image couldn't work just as well.

Gaia Memories from Kamen Rider W... pfftthhh I watch too much double.

2. Duplicate the first layer then go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. It will ask you to set a "radius". I used 1.8 pixels, but you can set it at whatever you think suits best.

3. Set the layer (layer 2) from Normal to "overlay". From here you can mess with the opacity, if you think overlay is too strong you can select "soft light".

4. From here, merge those two layers together. This alone gives you the "glowy effect". This is my FAVORITE effect on photoshop. <3

5. Now on to the windy effect. Duplicate this layer. On the duplicated layer go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion blur. This should give you a window allowing you to change your distance and angle. I set my angle to O and my distance to 34. The higher the distance the more "windy" the image will appear. You can test out different distances and see what different kinds of settings you like.

6. Set the opacity of this layer to however you want and you're done. On this image, I set my opacity to 80%. I find this effect makes for a cool looking background.

I used this effect on my CR ID, if you look closely in the background you can see where I used this image.

Windy Effect with Text

You can apply this effect with text. The first way is quite simple, just do EXACTLY what I explained in the first part of this tutorial, only instead of an image you use text. The effect will be the same. When dealing with text, I prefer to do it a different way.

1. Write something, make some text. I shall be using this image, the art is drawn by pengpig from

2. Make sure to rasterize the layer (so it's not a text layer). Duplicate that layer and ignore that new layer, keep the original layer selected and go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur and set your settings. Angel and distance. I used the same settings as I did for the previous part.

3. That's it. No joke. If you wanna mess with some opacity, layer settings (overlay, ect.) feel free. This is my final result. I used this effect on the text of the top banner of this tutorial as well. (so scroll up to see it). On the image I made here, I set the top layer (the layer without the motion blur effect) to 66% opacity, making the windy effect more noticeable.

I hoped this helped, I know I'm a failure at tutorial making. I just have too much free time. The character I used throughout this tutorial is Philip from the Japanese Tokusatsu Kamen Rider W (Double). Look it up, it's an awesome series.
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Posted 8/31/11
Haha... cool effect Arielle nee-chan ^^ Ur so good at graphics ><
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