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Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/11/11

1) Warriors are the protectors of the school. They had a nifty little widgt that lefts them detect every single person with a chara and the chara's purpose.

2) Warriors don't have to speak at speeches but must help the other Guardian's in oragnizing events (which I will let the King and Queen become mods to make events along with the Boss of Easter.)

3) Next, of course, just because it looks like it would be fun to be a member of Easter, don’t abandon the Guardians in the middle of battle when they may need you.

4) Please, don’t just do a complete copy of one of the original members and change the names.

5) Be loyal, obviously the Guardians that are higher up (The Original Positions) Have seniority, but the others are really important too. Students, please try to respect your Guardians.

Thank you for reading and again I will answer any questions.
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